In the ancient city of Easton, Rhapsody is learning musical magic after a brief Elizabeth Haydon, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN ELIZABETH HAYDON. Rhapsody is one of the weirdest VLFN’s I’ve ever read, a fact which works both to its advantage and disadvantage as its sprawling and. Rhapsody: Child of Blood (The Symphony of Ages) [Elizabeth Haydon, Kevin T. Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhapsody, n.

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He feels its pain and its shifts, and can also change it to his will like creating and removing walls and passages. Perhaps the best-developed of the lot is Grunthor, who speaks with a haycon, somewhat cockney accent, and yet whom Haydon impressively resists the urge to use as cheap comedy relief. The whole thing was rather bland, tbh. Otherwise, shes bitchin as hell. Lists with This Book. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. Brother, whose true name has been possessed by the demonic entity who now pursues him, now finds himself renamed and free of his bonds.

While some VLFN authors paint their prose every shade of purple under the sun in an overt attempt rhapody force a sense of grandeur onto the proceedings, Haydon goes for clarity.

They are as complex as all her other characters. I have no idea why anybody would love th Audiobook First off don’t you love it when a paragraph begins with “First off”Haydoj could not believe the amount of time they were inside the tree. Years later his Dhracian menthor, Father Halphasion, renamed him to the Brotherstating he was “brother to all, akin to none.

Torturous volumes of Angel Sanctuary tops it, I think, but this has to come a close second. Rhapsody emerges from the underground fires magically rhwpsody into a being of indescribable beauty and practically unconditional love. The heroine consistently is the one moving the plot forward, and is clearly the hero, all men are rescued by her and not the other way around. Almost a century later, Gwydion goes out to fight the F’dor alone, and nearly dies as a result. The whole thing was rather b Not quite 3 stars but more than 2, and kind of a bore, really.


Audiobook First off don’t you love it when a paragraph begins with “First off”I could not believe the amount of time they were inside the tree. The main character and name-sake of this book is basically a ‘s romance novel heroine, thrown into a fantasy novel which was pretty funny, ac-tually, once I figured that out. Just one day later, however, he is sent back to his own time, and nearly goes insane from grief.

SF : Rhapsody / Elizabeth Haydon

Overall though, I can’t really say what it is exactly that rgapsody engage me, other than all those things I just listed. Sam and Emily quickly fell in love, but Sam vanished and was brought back to his own time. Jul 06, Lisa Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: What I wouldn’t give for him to turn to stone. Learning more about them was my main motivation to keep reading this series, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint!

We were promised ghapsody turning point, but this went unfulfilled.

Elizabeth Haydon – Wikipedia

The character’s were unlikable. The Weaver’s Lament I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but the elements that hold my interest, in no particular order, are: He wears black, hooded robes and covers his face with cloth, not only to hide his ugliness but mainly because he has exposed nerves and veins on his face that are very sensitive to vibrations of the outside world.

After a twist of events Rhapsody gives birth to a son, Meridion. Let’s talk about Rhapsody.

In order to ensure that no harm would come of his renaming, Achmed took Rhapsody with him to Sagia and into the tree, leading her along the Axis Mundi away from the destruction of Serendair. In short, Hemingway would choke on these three books, and would glad of his impending death rather than finish the series.


Dec hadon, Jeff rated it it was amazing. They’re likable and extremely sympathetic, just not substantial. They had wit, skill, kindness tempered with realism and cynicism, and generally just seem more intelligent than the girls. This is the doing of a F’dor, a bloodthirsty fire demon from the Old World, bent on creating havoc and destruction.

This is substantially because of Ashe, the part dragon Rhapsody loves. I’ve gone through longing, empathy, despair, hope and even lust as I’ve leafed through these many pages.

Symphony of Ages

I envision him to be like Shrek – with an impressive collection of weapons. The end sequences of the book seem a bit rushed as if the writer was ready to get on with book two. The Rhapsody Trilogy is based on three characters who find themselves in a land on the brink of disaster. Rlizabeth way it’s described, it seems like a bloody storm is occurring inside his body particularly the nether regions if you know what I mean.

Was I on drugs? In eluding Michael’s men she met ‘The Brother’ and Grunthor, adopting them to convince the town guard they were her brothers and in doing so accidentally renamed ‘The Brother’ as ‘Achmed the Snake.

The plot was just interesting enough to keep me reading did it for Achmedbut I just kept getting punished for my effort.