Editorial Reviews. Review. When the young Lady Charlotte Caverstill attends a Potent Pleasures – Kindle edition by Eloisa James. Romance. Is he or isn’t he? That’s the question on London society’s collective mind in this slow-starting but ultimately satisfying Regency romance. Alexander Foakes, earl . Potent Pleasures. Eloisa James. Buy This Book. Unlike most authors today, Eloisa James gets a lot out of the omniscient point of view.

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A Aleks definitivno nema povjerenja u svoju zenu ni nakon sto joj obeca da se nece voditi svojim impulsima i da ce joj vjerovati. I couldn’t even give this two stars for Eloisa James’ writing, which was, perhaps, not as strong here, but was still good.

Charlotte is a young innocent – naive – and she has no idea about kisses or sexual feelings, except that she’s literally swept away by Alex’s actions. In this series Book 2. The review must be at least 50 characters long. She was pleqsures tiptoe just three or four steps from the bottom, straining to see where those gaudy plumes had gone, when her right foot slipped out from under her, striking the person at the bottom of the stairs squarely in the lower back.

It’s unfortunate that this is the first novel by Eloisa James that I picked up.

Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James

Como el amor puede perdonar todo tipo de ofensas y equivocaciones. I get that back in Georgian period, women are very limited to what their liberties are when it comes to marriage, but a lot of it wouldn’t have happened if Charlotte had just straight up confronted him about it with the facts of the events instead of letting it drag on till the very end for the purpose of ending it with a great “surprise”.


Her mouth was a natural dark red. The Trouble with Dukes. He was larger than she remembered, and handsomer. How many times can you call your wife a whore and expect to be forgiven? I’m kind of glad that I had already bought a few eBooks before reading this one because if I hadn’t, I may not have come back. Would you like to order your own copy? Dec 26, Patricia Burroughs rated it liked it Shelves: Too Scot to Handle. I found the male voices that the narrator used quite creepy. It commits more deadly sins of romance writing than most.

I forgot the BF’s name already because after the initial mundane preferences of both characters, ex: Society somehow knows all about his Italian adventures, and he’s dubbed the “Ineligible Earl”, because of his “floppy poppy”.

Potent Pleasures (Pleasures, #1) by Eloisa James

Reckless desire sends Charlotte Daicheston into the garden with a dashing masked stranger. Several years later, after Charlotte has made her dazzling debut in London society, they meet again.

Fast forward 3 years But that is about the best I can say for the waste of space. From here, he could see straight into her gown.

James says this is historical, but I find it hysterical. Me ha sacado mucho de quicio. About Potent Pleasures Poetnt is more seductive than temptation. The man was staring back at her, his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

He didn’t trust her, verbally and emotionally abused her, and came close to physical abuse, and yet somehow everything ends up tied up in a pretty ribbon?

Eloisa James is brilliant. His hand actually twitched.

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May 17, Chelsea rated it did not like it Shelves: And he doesn’t ever remember her?! And the heroine btw is a masochist, too obsessed-with-an-undeserving-hero heroine. I may never be the same. Aug 08, Camille Azarcon rated it really liked it. No Other Duke Will Do.


Several years later, after Charlotte has made her dazzling debut in London society, they meet again. At last there can be a storybook ending Dia tahu dia diperawani oleh Alex, namun Alex sudah mencap Charlotte mirip dengan mantan istrinya, yang pelacur dan suka berselingkuh. Waktu Alex tiba dan Charlotte sedang akan melahirkan, ketakutan sekali melihat Alex yang dikiranya akan mengambil anaknya.

When I rip off my power suit, whether it’s academic or romantic, underneath is the rather tired, chocolate-stained sweatshirt of a mom. April 25, Publication Date: There’s a horrid scene where Alex shouts unimaginable insults at Charlotte – the kind that you can not only never take back but never forget.

Potent Pleasures

Charlotte is stunned and somewhat traumatized by the event after-the-fact In fact, at those points where Alex was supposed to sound sexy and seductive, the whispering just made me want to laugh, or cringe. Too bad his charm deserted him every time he suspected Charlotte of betraying him. Even so, he is very much smitten. She’s playing some horrid game, like his first wife, yada yada yada.

A Duke of Her Own. I walked by her books a few times in the book store, wincing away fro This was my first romance novel. Alex finds out he was duped, and that his wife was a “whore”.