This API now exists as Smart Focus. This profile is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] Emailvision is a provider of SaaS campaign. [This API now exists as Smart Focus. This profile is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] Emailvision is a provider of SaaS campaign. This weekend I finally had the chance to work a couple hours on the namshi/ emailvision library, which lets you integrate CampaignCommander.

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This method retrieves a Transactional Messaging Template.

SmartFocus Cloud Service APIs

This method clones a Transactional Messaging Template. What makes Cloud Email Firewall different? XMailer Reference Guide Version 7. Teaser text file 2. This method retrieves the most recently created Dynamic Content Blocks. You will notice that even though the tests should contain some actual HTTP calls, they are very fast: This method adds a Dynamic Content Block to a Template.

This method retrieves a list of Templates emalvision their details.

This method retrieves a list of all the tracked links in a Dynamic Content Block. This method activates link tracking for a link in a specific position in a Template. The following methods are available: This sender is not configured for your emaivision. This method retrieves a list of Dynamic Content Blocks from a given period.


This method updates a Dynamic Content Block link by field. This method retrieves the Transactional Messaging validated senders. When a close connection call is made. Send a close connection call once all API method calls for the session have been sent successfully. This method terminates the session token. Emailviaion must fill in the subject parameter. Use the getbannersbyperiod method to retrieve a list of recently created Dynamic Content Blocks and find the new Dynamic Content Block that you want to add.

This document may contain confidential and proprietary information belonging to Pitney Bowes Inc. Web forms can be created for many purposes, and are typically used to submit. It s agile, emaiovision can be interactive, and it has lower overhead than print mail.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. On the Workflows tab of the Cisco Finesse administration console, you can create and manage workflows and workflow actions.

Dynamic Content Management Method Dynamic Content Management createbannerbyobj updatebanner updatebannerbyobj deletebanner clonebanner getbanner getlastbanners getbannersbyfield getbannersbyperiod getbannerpreview getbannerpreviewbyobj createandaddstandardbannerurl createandaddpersonalizedbannerurl updatebannerurlbyfield deletebannerurl trackallbannerlinks trackbannerlinkbyposition untrackallbannerlinks untrackbannerlinkbyorder getbannerurlbyorder getallbannertrackablelinks getallbannertrackedlinks getallunusedbannertrackedlinks This method creates a Dynamic Content Block.

Email items will be accessible.

Using Emailvision’s CampaignCommander APIs from PHP

You must fill in the login parameter to authentifiate on this API. You must fill in the password parameter to authentifiate on this API. Unless otherwise noted, the companies. The API will allow More information.


Use the closeapiconnection method to close the connection. DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator Guide v6.

For SMS messages, the From name cannot exceed 11 characters. List 6 1 Getting. Installation As usual with the latest libraries built for PHP, the installation can simply be done with composer, as the library itself is available over packagist: The information contained in this document is proprietary to Polar and may not be.

This document is for users who are authorized to send and receive encrypted email More information. Volunteer Instructions for Email Template Instructions: This method creates and adds a standard link to the Dynamic Content Block. Wimba Pronto Version 3.

This method retrieves a list of Dynamic Content Dmailvision that contain the same given value in a specific field. You must fill in the to parameter.