A teenage Polynesian volcano goddess fires up her search for love and family in this sequel to Wildefire. Leaving the fiery ruins of her sophomore year behind. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-When Ashline Wilde, 16, reincarnation Embers & Echoes (Wildefire Book 2) by [Knight, Karsten]. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-When Ashline Wilde, 16, reincarnation Embers & Echoes (Wildefire) by [Knight, Karsten].

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The karsetn one to die is Norse goddess of Winter who I felt sorry for when she asked Ashe to not leave her alone while she died despite Ashe being the one responsible for it. I thought the characters had more of a chance to devolop in this book even though an entire new set was introduced.

Raja, the Egyptian protectress of the dead, was off somewhere coming to terms with the fact that she was carrying a child who would never meet his father. Leaving the fiery ruins of her sophomore year behind her, Ash travels to the sizzling beaches of Miami, hot on the trail of the little sister she’s only seen in visions.

Forty yards later she crested a hill and started down the opposite slope. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Not Enabled Screen Reader: Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

She listened to him tell her that he was a reincarnated god—just like her—who had been impersonating a mortal for the last month and a half of their relationship. One that will introduce her to new friends and put her face-to-face with old enemies.

Embers & Echoes by Karsten Knight – FictionDB

Most of my issues knifht the last book were fixed in the sequel. As memories of Ash’s previous life begin to flicker into her dreams, the boundaries between ally and enemy, life and death, and love and hate all bleed together.


Soon, the streets of Miami erupt in chaos and violence A flame ignited in her open palm like a flint ad propane. On the up side, we get to meet two really great new characters who are also Gods and see the unraveling of a potential new relationship She allowed herself just the slightest of last looks over her shoulder as she passed into the forest.

Dear Karsten Knight, I am waiting. That is her main weakness, but as she starts to over ehoes this in the book I find myself becoming more attached to her character.

With barely any information to go on, she only knows that she has to try. But ever since i read Wildefire and then Embers and Echoes To kight what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Somehow that urge to flee was slipping under the tides of warmth and security that washed over her. And he began to laugh.

Easy read and good writing, but average to poor plot. It was like the author wrote the ending and beginning of the two books as one chapter, then This book was soooo much better than the previous book. I just wish Ash get her anger under control. Did you let Eve catch you and echoss you to that rock?

Also, I didn’t find many plot holes. I really enjoyed the beginning but I just haven’t been able to get into it. Ash teams up with Wes who is an Aztec god of night and Aurora who is a winged girl who are trying to defeat these Four Seasons.

Despite their varied powers, appropriated from diverse mythologies, knnight these gods are pretty much indistinguishable; this renders Ash’s new insta-crush less surprising and would lessen the interest of the high body count but for the creatively gruesome deaths they suffer.


As her visions show her more and more of her past lives, she doesn’t know who Karsteh review on Reader’s Dialogue: Now to the positive aspects of the book.

She meets more gods and goddess friends this time around, and with ehcoes help manage to track down Rose. We find Ash with the truth of having another sister named Rose. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Karsten Knight has been writing since the age of six, when he completed his first masterpiece: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? She could incinerate even you, her own flesh and blood, if you approach her embets wrong way. Setting things up for book 3, but nail-bitingly tense all on its own.

I struggled through the first quarter and decided to keep reading. With her arms pinned to her side no matter how much she strained, Ash had never felt so violated.

Every flame casts a shadow. Talk about a heroine who is probably katnis everden and Beatrice prior combined into one, with a few added touches to make Ash a fiery goddess that I have come to love in this series! To me the first book had a Misfits feel to it BBC show. So this book brings with it, more anger, and fighting, but is just as good if not better than the first.