baixar livro Ergonomia e Usabilidade Walter Cybis,. Adriana Holtz Betiol & Richard Faust, O livro Ergonomia e Usabilidade – Conhecimentos, Métodos e. CYBIS Walter Ergonomia e Usabilidade conhecimentos métodos e aplicações. 4 likes. Book. Cybis, W.A., Tambascia, C.A., Dyck, A.F., Villas Boas, A.L.C., Pagliuso, P.B.B., Cybis, W.A., Betiol, A., Faust, R.: Ergonomia e usabilidade: conhecimentos.

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This study aims testing of application for syntactic analysis models for graphic language. Handheld devices, especially smartphones, are our objects of analysis.

Blucher Design Proceedings

Two models for graphic language were studied — from Twyman and Mijksenaar They are well accepted by information design literature, but they have not been tested on mobile human-computer interaction context. This analysis intends to verify whether these models really supply needs of smartphone interfaces and in which aspects they must to be adapted for further works. Results of study can be used as initial studies about syntactic analysis models applied on mobile device interfaces, aimed thinking about a possible adjustment to the contemporary context of media usage.


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Ergonomia e Usabilidade

A Schema for the Study of Graphic Language. Processing of Visible Language.


The Graphical Presentation of Language. Sou autor desse trabalho Selecione seu usabiilidade na lista abaixo: PuppiMaicon Bernert PadovaniStephania. Analysis of factors affecting the adoption of smartphones.