If you fail the falconry exam, you may retake the test after a 2 week waiting period . This quest for knowledge has motivated many young apprentice falconers to. California Hawking Club Apprentice Study Guide [Frederick W. Rick Holderman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Study guide for. Apprentice Study Guide by the California Hawking Club (edited by Frederick W. Holderman) Only $ Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to.

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Begin reading all you can about falconry. Go to this DNR web site address for information. But to just prepare for the exam, study only that material which the state currently recognizes as correct. The most important requirement for your apprenticeship is to get a sponsor.

Can I be compensated monetarily for taking groups on hunting trips? Getting Started Almost all apprentices get involved as absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the art and sport of falconry. You may have read an article in a magazine or newspaper or even witnessed a flight demonstration. As an apprentice, you will work with either a passage Red-Tailed Hawk or an American Kestrel during your apprenticeship period. The sponsor will be there to guide you through the first two years.

Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software. Start studying for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Falconry exam. Mavrogordato A Falcon for the Field by J. The reason they allow this is some must take the test several times before passing. There are also two study guides available, one from California, and one from New York.


An apprentice must, by federal law, be sponsored by a General or Master falconer. Falconry is a sporting event unlike any other field sport in the world. Yes, but only for actual expenses. Articles are frequently inaccurate, they may sensationalize the sport and little emphasis may be given to the fact that success is measured by the beauty and excitement of the chase, not whether or how much game is caught.

You must be financially able to obtain the basic housing and equipment. The regulations, both state and federal, have changed significantly in the past few years. Altman EditorSusan L. With contributed papers upon falconry and otter hunting, his favourite sports http: Your sponsor should be present for this inspection. JT, founder of Falconry Alliancesums it all up with this statement: Your sponsor can assist you in test prep as well! If you include a weathering area, it must also meet state and federal requirements.

Be aware that caring for, training and hunting a bird requires a substantial amount of time and patience. Technically you have to send in the application before scheduling the test, but practically and this was confirmed by the Special Permits Unit on May 9, you can call Special Permits and schedule a date to take the test before you submit the application.

Getting Started | Arizona Falconers Association

A word of warning: Please remember we are training a wild raptor to use its instincts to hunt with us. All falconers begin falconrry the apprentice level.

Those candidate sponsors come from the ranks of the GFA. Craighead and Frank C. This law was not written with falconers in mind.


Interested In Falconry

This way you don’t get caught waiting for your license to be issued after trapping season has come in. This seems to contradict the question above but giude difference in this case is that you are practicing the sport of falconry which you are licensed to do. Calling a wild raptor from the tuide to join you is not a trivial thing and you want to do it right! That page also has links to all of the applicable regulations.

Apprenttice point of studying for any standardized test you intend to pass is only to score as well as possible, and this means giving the answers that the proctors consider correct. At this level, your focus is to study the regulations, husbandry, and training process needed to hunt with a raptor. This opinion allows us the right to trap raptors along the public rights of way.

Can I go onto private property to retrieve my bird? They will assign you a permit number and return to Special Permits, who will then issue your license.

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You can not just teach about the birds or their natural history.