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Being available for sign-offs Assisting in training as needed Maintaining program integrity The QPO must be totally current in the technical and safety requirements for each assigned area. Regulations do not stipulate the length of time these personnel serve in the CPO galley, but usually the period is not less than 3 months. One of your primary objectives, therefore, is to establish a supportive, harmonious relationship with your subordinates. Eligible personnel compete for advancement to fill vacancies based on the total Navy billets authorized.

However, if cash sales or other cash transactions are techniquf through these service activities or if material intended for ultimate cash sale is stored in them, they must be treated as group III spaces for key security purposes. Under the precept guidelines, the board is given the latitude to establish its own internal emphasis, thereby ensuring the dynamic nature of the selection process.

The president looks after the welfare of the members and sets the example of conduct and deportment expected of the members. Without looking at the training manual, write down the main ideas that you have drawn from studying this unit. Fivhe records function is the maintenance of all records incident to the formal training program, including curriculums by rating, lesson plans, schedules, individual training records, division officers’ notebooks, and military training.

Pay records Pay record functions include maintaining the military pay records and prepar- ing money lists.


The Secretary of the Navy is the head of the Department of the Navy. This misunderstanding involves the taking of required courses, especially in the first 2 adtes of college. Foodservice S-2 Division General The foodservice component operates all phases of the general mess and makes authorized issues, sales, and transfers of food items. It is the responsibility of the food service officer to ensure that all foodservice personnel, including foodservice attendants, comply with this regulation.

The cost of clothing items, monograms, and heraldic patches for military foodservice per- sonnel is charged to the operation and mainte- nance allotment aets the activity or the operating target funds of the ship.

Full text of “Air reservist”

It is an impor- tant part of your PQS program. The caterer is responsible for the operation of the mess. Thumb through the book without any particular plan, looking at the illustrations and reading bits here and there as you see things that interest you. Each record is independently reviewed during the screening aeets.

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Board of Governors Some ships, in addition to the mess president and the elected mess officers, have an advisory group or board of governors composed of the senior chief of each department. The objective is to ensure that the training given is useful training and to eliminate overtraining prevalent in the past.

As a supervisor, you should encourag your subordinates to plan their careers an urge them to establish career goals early in thei career. When prescribed by the type commander, the supply department head prepares a Supply Department Organization Manual, which will contain a description of the functions of each component of the department and assigned technlque of respon- sibility and authority It will also include tasks of key personnel.

Operating instructions for equipment.

The Department of the Navy operates under the control and direction of the Secretary of Defense. Consequently, more training should be done aboard the ship or station. When you have finished studying a unit, take time out to see what you have learned. Pertinent information should include information regarding educational achievements, collateral duties, command and community involvements, special qualifications during the reporting period, and anything else the candidate feels is note- worthy.


Specifically, the caterer is charged with the following responsibilities and duties: What quality of performance is necessary to carry out the job successfully? The manager plans, organizes, details people for positions and work stations, directs their work, and takes corrective action when necessary. However, you should organize these standards into topic headings logistics support or financial control, for example to facilitate your learning process. Then, chapter by chapter, read the in- troduction, the headings, and the subheadings.

Turn the envelope over to the accountable officer. These errors are as much the responsibility of the candidate as the command. Monograms and heraldic patches of the ship or activity also are authorized for issue to be worn on the issued articles of clothing. Thoroughly chill all fresh vegetables that are to be used uncooked in salads.


Besides the laws on rations, chapterTitle 10, U. Your manuals should be verified against this list to ensure that your manuals are up to date. This chapter discusses the regulations, instructions, and duties involved in the administration of the general mess. Depending on location and fund limitations, assignment to this school may be made on permanent change of station transfers. Service activities Service activities functions include operating the ship’s store service activities, such as laundry, barber, and tailor shops; main- taining related records; and responsibility for the cleanliness and upkeep of assigned storage spaces.