Welcome back to FlyLady! Today is Sunday, December 30, This week we are in Shining Your Sink. Menu Planning. The C.H.A.O.S. Cure. Your Launch. Sink Reflections has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: I have a love- hate relationship with the FlyLady. I joined her Yahoo group a few years ag. The Paperback of the Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley, FlyLady | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This is helpful to me at the beginning of a new year with a new baby and four kids for the first time.

Also she was not actually very clear at describing certain key routines in her book. I’m not strictly a checklist person when it comes to routines and have been known to let some housework stand undone in favor of other worthy activities.

She teaches you to eliminate your clutter and establish simple routines for getting your home clean!

Sink Reflections

I am really encouraged that it is all about taking responsibility for your attitude and emotions etc. It’s okay that your kitchen is clean but the living room is a disaster! She should have spent There was a lot of good content in this book, but I found the delivery completely obnoxious.

This book is the basis for “FLY Lady”. There are others in my boat, who could literally kill themselves to have a well kept home and have snik who could not care less and totally thrash whatever you have accomplished. Just got the book I’ve been practically camping out at the mailbox waiting for it.


FlyLady’s FlyShop

It all starts with a shiny sink and, of course, a pair of shoes! I think the website does a better job of explaining what to do and the list emails are more inspiring but this book is a nice complement to her organizational system. Miss Love was washing a kitchen window that looked clean to me already. For instance, I never understood how some people always seemed to have clean dishes For the ADHD and chronically disorganized among us, the FlyLady has some reflection suggestions.

I absolutely loved this encouraging and helpful cleaning book!

I need a kick start, many times, and a motivation. She covers how to create daily and weekly routines and a control journal.

If I end up trapped watching the kids in my 3 year old’s room, keeping them from reflectiions each other cry, then I’ll straighten up his room and put away his laundry and change his sheets, since I am there. If you’ve ever been turned off of FLY Lady because you subscribed to the emails without reading this book–you need to start from scratch!

This book is not for everyone, but it is GREAT for people like me whose perfectionism gets in the way of truly being f,ylady around the house, and people described as SHEs “Sidetracked Home Executives” who have g I was a bit reluctant to give this book 5 stars, because it isn’t exactly amazing literature.

I flyladg her Yahoo group a few years ago, and did some reading on her website. View all 5 comments. There was a lot of good stuff in here — for one, it started a massive purge of clutter in our house. I am born organized. There is no doubt that she is writing from a place of flyladu, peace, and self-respect. So what that reflsctions sort of geared towards Christian stay at home moms? But the techniques I’ve been able to implement have helped immensely.


I think this method could work great for me, but in a few years. That’s fine because her system is so helpful for so many other people. However, I could not stand the cutesy terms and acronyms she made up and the overuse of annoying cliches. Most people take a warm green tea. It just felt like someone telling me this was how I needed to do it, and doing anything else was wrong.

The burden of being responsible for every mess and for organizing and caring for everyone else’s stuff got too overwhelming and I burned out. When I got married, Reflection moved into this quaint, lovely, cluttered old farm house. Knowing that, I was able to just fish through her ideas, adapt, and go forth with my reflectionss organizing talents.

Why is a clean sink so important to this lady?