Company Profile. Dalmasson Pietro is a mechanical company operating since and specialized in deep hole drilling of pipe plates, diaphragms and flanges. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to send the message. Privacy I agree. Production · Production. Quality and controls · Quality and controls. foratura profonda corpo mandrino. foratura profonda corpo mandrino. Popular; Recent. Areas Jul 6, Multitasking Mechanics and Milling.

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Machining can be performed on the following details: Macchine Serie ML Macchine orizzontali Per tutte le macchine ML sono disponibili soluzioni standard e specifiche per i clienti per il carico e scarico dei pezzi.


Siamo lieti di sottoporvi anche un’offerta di acquisto delle vostre macchine per foratura profonda, se profonxa tratta di uno dei prodotti menzionati. Macchine speciali la soluzione ottimale per le vostre esigenze.

Profnda UFG offers its experience and latest generation machinery, fiber and CO2 laser marking technology that can satisfy every need. Deep Hole Drilling Tools and Machines. For years we have been offering this service in the shipbuilding, oil and chemical industry, medical and earthmoving field, etc.

Esempi al riguardo sono la foratura profonda di testate, blocchi motore o matrici. These are some of our welding techniques.

We also offer deep drilling service on technopolymers such as: I nostri collaboratori altamente qualificati e il nostro parco macchine di produzione propria, costituiscono la base di questa offerta. How to choose the materials?


Processing, even in this case, can be performed on trees, stems, transmissions, gears, molds, etc. Mechanical processingServices. Le vostre esigenze non sono coperte dal nostro programma standard?

Macchine Serie BW Completamente automatizzate: UFG srl offers laser marking or laser engraving on different types of materials, such as metals, oxidized aluminum, natural aluminum, glass, organic materials, fabrics, plastic materials in general, etc.

A fundamental step in the design process is the choice of material to use, in this page we can see how we can help Ashby maps for a quick and precise choice. La gamma di offerte comprende la fabbricazione singola fino a una fabbricazione in serie con sistema di carico automatico.

UFG srl performs grinding operations carried out by forafura called grinding machines which have as a tool a grinding wheel with different granulometers according to the types of materials to be processed. Drilling deep off the axis When we speak of deep drilling off axis we mean a particular type of machining with which it is possible to execute holes of various diameters and depths parallel to the axis of the workpiece. BTA with insertion tip: Sono anche pdofonda processi di foratura profonda con sistema di lubrificazione nebulizzata.

UFG srl provides its customers with heat treatments, such as hardening, tempering, solubilization, aging, nitriding, annealing, nitrocarburization, cementation, carbonitriding, etc. Presso TBT profodna la completa garanzia sia sui pezzi sia sugli interventi eseguiti. This technique is the processing of holes with a ratio of depth and relatively large diameter.


DrillLine – Tungaloy Italia S.r.I.

Specialists in drilling deep of molds, dies, rollers, shafts. Come optional, vengono offerte anche prove statiche. Deep drilling in axis and off axis.

Machining is carried out mainly on rectilinear and circular surfaces, gears, shafts, hubs, bushings, evolving profiles, threads, special designs, etc. Anche per lunghe punte a cannone monotagliente e punte BTA sono disponibili soluzioni per il cambio utensile automatico.

Diameter 3 mm to diameter 16 mm with max depth mm.

Normalmente sono profond adeguamenti particolari alle nostre macchine standard. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere una migliore navigazione sul nostro sito. Through the latest technologies and found in the industry we are able to work on different types of materials such as:.

Deep hole drilling Machining can be performed on the following details: In parte le macchine sono reperibili direttamente da magazzino. Home All posts Services Mechanical processing Deep drilling. How to foraatura materials. DrillingMechanics Category: