Ford Windstar – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Sep, by Neue Mage. Model: Ford Windstar. File size: MB. Also Visit my website for 7 FREE Download Manuals starting Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Ford Windstar.

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The Warranty Guide that is provided to you along with your Owner’s, the computer in your vehicle is capable recording detailed data, potentially including but not limited information such as, information about the performance of various systems modules. Ford production and aftermarket Motorcraft oil filters are designed for added engine protection and long windsttar. Use the location which best suits your needs.

Anti-lock braking is not affected by this condition and will function normally during the cool-down period. The normal operating temperature can be reached after approximately 30 km 20 miles of driving. Irregular shaped CDs, CDs with a scratch protection film attached, and CDs with homemade paper adhesive labels should not be inserted into the CD player.

For fabric, carpets, cloth seats, safety belts and seats equipped with side air bags: Always set the parking brake fully and make sure the gearshift is latched in P Park. Automobile Ford Explorer Owner’s Manual pages. If the safety seat is not anchored properly, the risk of a child being injured in a crash greatly increases. Information related to engine, throttle, steering, brake other system, status potentially including information related how driver, operates the vehicle including but not limited vehicle speed, this information may be stored during regular operation or crash.

Exceeding these limits will result in a blown fuse.

Do not lean your head on the door. Turn until tightly installed. Ford or Mercury vehicles customers call ; Lincoln vehicle customers call 1——— For more information, or to replace the filter, see your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury Dealer. The alarm will cycle the horn, the turn signals will flash, and the interior lamps will illuminate.

  3TK2804 0BB4 PDF

Replacing cornering lamp bulbs if equipped For bulb replacement, see a dealer or qualified technician. Install the new bulb in reverse order.

Power Distribution Box Always replace the cover to the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs If the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, refer to the Battery section of the Maintenance and specifications chapter.

Each tap will decrease the set speed by 1. How to reprogram your remote entry transmitters You must have all remote entry transmitters maximum of four available before beginning this procedure.

Displayed when the turn signals are activated and at least one is burned out.

FORD Windstar Owner’s Manual

Extended idling at high engine speeds can produce very high temperatures in the engine and exhaust system, creating the risk of fire or other damage. Set the parking brake and shift to P Park.

Call your local authorized recycling center to find out more about recycling automotive batteries. Windsfar sure that the seat is locked in place both front and back.

Refer to the Warning light section in the Instrument cluster chapter. Since this information is subject to change, please ask your dealer for complete details about Ford Extended Service Plan coverage options, or visit the Ford ESP website at www. Insert a cassette into the cassette door.

Ford Windstar Manual | eBay

This will also prevent passengers and cargo from falling out. Follow one of the simple calculations in order to determine fuel economy: Production sequence number Engine number The engine number the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number is stamped on the engine block, transmission, frame and transfer case if equipped. The flow of fuel through a fuel pump nozzle can produce static electricity, which can cause a fire if fuel is pumped into an ungrounded fuel container.


Refer to the instructions in this section under Installing child safety seats in cinch tongue manuaal lap and shoulder belt seating positions to secure the child safety seat. Washer Concentrate Use only brake fluids certified to meet ,anual specifications. Use only approved products to windstsr plastic parts.

If your vehicle seems to lose engine power while driving in deep sand or very deep snow, switching off the AdvanceTrac stability enhancement feature will restore full engine power and will enhance momentum through the obstacle. Never remove the coolant reservoir cap while the engine is running or hot. If the fluid levels are outside of the normal mamual range, the performance of your brake system could be compromised, seek service from your dealer immediately.

Press to select the previous or next CD in the radio. Rear Window Defroster The filter is located just in front of the windshield under the cowl vent screen on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The compass is now calibrated.

Schedule service

The front speaker will remain playing for the front passengers. Gasoline may contain benzene, which is a cancer-causing agent. Use of a temporary spare tire at any one wheel location can lead to impairment of the following: Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire. Make sure that all replacement tires are of the same size, type, load-carrying capacity and tread design e.

Reporting Safety Defects u. All occupants of the vehicle should always wear their safety belts even when an air bag SRS is provided.