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I was experimenting with various dopants in glow powders a few years ago and obtained a quantity greater than needed since it is always good to buy too much when it is a great deal. pjkbookk

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

One replication using this technique has an electrical input of 27 watts and a 32 kilowatt output. Hi all, I have updated my Don Smith rough design, I am still not finished working on it.

Page of Originally Posted by clarence Hello Mr. If you should decide, on the basis of what you read here, to build some device or other, you do so solely and entirely at your own risk and on your own responsibility. The Robert Pjkbookk permanent magnet motor. I-3 For example, consider a crystal set radio receiver: This beginner’s introduction presumes that you have never heard of free-energy before and would like an outline sketch of what it is all about, so let’s begin at the beginning.

It is updates once or twice a week. Nikola Tesla, probably the most famous person in the free-energy field, has pjobook patent on an aerial system which uses a shiny metal plate with insulated faces as the main component of his aerial. They then calculate the energy produced when hydrogen is burnt.

Permanent magnets with electricity But, even today, it is relatively difficult to find much in the way of direct, useful and practical information on free-energy systems and techniques. I – 16 He then aims a powerful jet of water from a high-powered water pump, directly at the paddles, driving the wheel round with a rapid series of pulses. That way, the output from the main universities is controlled and is any honest researcher is not willing to go along with what is being said, then that researcher is blacklisted and even ridiculed by his former colleagues, and he finds it impossible to get any further research position anywhere.


Originally Posted by Peculian Hi all from me too. Some information on the construction of the Wang motor is available here: Some years ago, Stanley Meyer, a very talented man living in America, found a very energy-efficient way of breaking water into a mixture of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

The magnetic generator of Ashley Gray. I – 24 Stanley Meyer of the USA discovered a method of splitting water into it’s gas form, using very little power. Fres is supplied to a nearby transmitter which generates radio ku which in turn, induce a small voltage in the aerial of the crystal set, which in turn, powers the headphones.

For example, suppose a bank robber broke into a bank and stole all of the cash there. They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour. A domestic watt-meter is low-cost as they are made in large volumes.

Dave Lawton’s Meyer Replication. Working quite independently, an Australian called Chas Campbell, discovered the same effect. When the motor shaft rotates further, the traveller is emergy to the right when the left-hand magnet is shielded and the right hand magnet is not shielded. The bank of lights being powered by Moray’s device, grew brighter as the gas pipe was driven further and further into the ground, providing a better and better earth connection.

Here is a diagram of how Chas Campbell’s system is set up: Doing that is not easy, but there are many alternative methods. I-7 The science taught in schools, colleges and universities at this time, is well out of date and in serious need of being brought up to date. In the same way, a steam engine does not run on water.

The amount of power which can be collected can be very high and the few kilowatts needed to power a household is most definitely within the reach of most of the devices mentioned. Things have changed dramatically since then and there has been an enormous increase in available information. Background download Appendix Part 2 Size 4 Mb, containing: Does that mean that the laws of aeronautics were no use? In passing, it might be remarked that an isolated, almost self-sufficient commune in Australia has been supplying their electrical needs by running ordinary electrical generators on water as the only apparent fuel for many years now.


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Free energy

The device operates as follows: Efficiency and COP are two different things. Now, instead of entirely random plus and minus charged particles appearing everywhere, the Plus which you created gets surrounded by a sphere of minus charge particles popping into existence all around it.

He cannot produce or sell the device even though he invented it. The shaft, on which the wheel is mounted, drives a standard electrical generator which lights an ordinary light bulb: I – 13 Conventional science says that it can prove mathematically that it is quite impossible to ffree this.

The NE Timer Chip.

The point that he makes is that the magnetic flux of his motor is always unbalanced, thus producing a continuous rotational drive.

That is nearly right, and fish should be very thankful that they are not completely right.

For the purposes of this illustration, please take it that temperature, pressure, gravity, etc. Then, people researching in scientific fields had to design and build their own instruments before they ever got to experimenting in their chosen fields of knowledge.

This should be obvious as a magnet can support its own weight on the vertical face of a I – 17 refrigerator, for years on end. Originally Posted by Gedfire. A Fuel Vapourisation System.

You will notice that this is a substantial power uuk coming from a device built with a very basic style of construction where bare wires are twisted together to form an electrical connection.