Summary: A full five stars and then some for this little book with a big heart and even bigger belly laugh. Fup is a fairy tale for grown ups and. Fup [jim-dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to find. Fup [Jim Dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Start with Granddaddy Jake Santee, a cantankerous, ninety-nine-year-old coot with a.

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But it’s been so long I’ve forgotten everything. I spat my tea all over the place; my childrenlaughed out loud; my mother said “aww” a lot.

The humour is what I liked best about this novella. THAT was how I felt. Highly recommended to everyone who likes their stories humorous and spiked with a lil magical realism!

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Not just any old duck. Paperback59 pages. Okay, up till this point you may be wondering what there is in this book that might inspire “evangelical fervour” in anyone. Amazingly standout, especially considering its short length. A beautiful book given to me by Kyley Felix for Christmas.

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There is not much traditional action. His worst nightmare is Lockjaw, a local wild pig who continually disrupts the order and neatness of his fence-building. One of my favourite scenes in the book involves a minor character called Johnny Seven Moons, “an old Pomo that wandered the coastal hills without an apparent home or source of income.


This is a book that is short, in pages and on pretensions. It sounds mighty like an allegory tome, though I think I can see where you are coming from. It won’t take you long, for Fup packs it all in to just a hundred or so pages.

He has offers to build fences for ranches up and down the country, but Tiny prefers to busy himself with fence-building at home. As you will probably have realised by now, I’m a kinda ‘get it’ guy.

Fup cheers me up every time I read it. The fable part of the story is one of the last things to happen. As for whether it’s a fable, a parable, an allegory, an apologue my personal choice or jmi overgrown anecdote I’m not too sure; there are arguments for and against all of fip and so I won’t burden you with a list of them. Preview — Fup by Jim Dodge. But I thought the level of cleverness never rose above naming the main character Fup Duck.

La postface donne envie de s’attaquer aux autres romans de Jim Dodge. Fup by Jim Dodge.

J’ai envi de tout lire de cet auteur et je recommande chaudement ce livre! He now lives in the Klamath Mountains with his wife and son.

And it’s over before you know it, and somehow, with a story like this, that’s a good thing, do you know what I mean? A brief, occasionally hilarious, sometimes poignant story set in the Northern California of the mid-twentieth century. He really could’ve sent me out for a tin of elbow grease. It was like that scene in From Dusk Till Dawn – one minute we’re in a nice action flick, bad guys on the run and then suddenly we’re in a horror film, vampires flying around all over the shop.


The magician of ducks and outlaws

Gambling covered his drinking but the drinking gave him crazy visions. Its such a fascinating little fable, with a fantastical ending. George’s befuddled love-hate affair with drugs has, Dodge says, been praised for its realism. Daniel spends a dodye of time in communes, out in the wilds or learning to gamble, but all Dodge will admit is that “some of my life is in there”.

Buy Fup by Jim Dodge at Amazon. Always one to follow the inner light, Jake invested lavish amounts in highly speculative ventures, learning the hard way that sometimes when you put your money where your mouth is, it’s only to kiss it goodbye.

It’s a painfully short book – only barely long enough to lose yourself in – but every syllable is inspired. Bought it to give to a friend. Well, up till this point I’ve only talked about the first three-quarters doge the book. And whether you buy into that yourself or not, and I don’t, I challenge anyone not to enjoy the journey.

The book is evocative, emotional, dogde and You feel challenged to doxge the self-serving boast.

The Truth About Lies: Fup

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Fup was not Dodge’s first published work, just the first to bear his name. But, “Candide” had me laughing didge loud. Or, as another reviewer suggested, perhaps the author was yanking our chain Not Fade Away is a favorite novel of mine.