Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A former submarine commander in Britain’s Royal Navy, Menzies must enjoy doing battle. The amateur historian’s. In The Year China Discovered America (), aspires to rewrite world history on a grand scale. He maintains that Gavin Menzies)four Chinese fleets. On 3/8/, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. by Gavin Menzies by Gavin Menzies The Devil in the White City by Erik.

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So why isn’t this data cited? Perhaps the silliest Peruvian connection is between Chinese “qipu” and Quechua “quipu”; Menzies seemingly doesn’t understand that “q” represents menziew completely different sound in each language.

The leader Montezuma, ruler of the Aztec empire in Mexico, is believed by Menzies to have mistaken the conquistador Cortez for his grandfather, returned again from his home in the East.

Gavin Menzies: mad as a snake – or a visionary? – Telegraph

Also, if you have written about Columbus’s discoveries and you are told he had a map, you would think: Burton rated it did not like it Shelves: Most records of their journeys were destroyed. Presentation by Menzies on Obviously by reading the subtitle I really wanted to like this book. Most scholars agree that the logic is flawed.

He left school at 15, with no qualifications, to follow his father into the Navy, becoming a commander of submarines.

1421: The Year China Discovered America

So, I hope that the reader with some training in linguistics can see what kind of arguments are used in the book, and beware accordingly. Menzies flouts the basic rules of both historical study and elementary logic. So why has no one found these kinds of records?


All it has is an extremely interesting hodge-podge of facts, figures, intriguing maps, unexplored wrecks and spotty journal entries most of the accounts of the voyage were destroyed when the explorers returned 14421 to find that mennzies Empire had turned inwards.

Menzies has been made an honorary professor of Yunnan University, in south-west China, and been given the freedom of the city of Kunming. Built by a Ming emperor to gather in tribute from the ends of the Earth, the fleet was one of the last acts of imperial hubris.

Plus they were mapping the southern stars and learning about navigation. The Year China Discovered the Worldis a work of sheer fiction presented as revisionist history.

The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzies

Still, it may have some pedagogical value in world history courses. That was the end of it. Don’t get me wrong, it was an entertaining read, which is why it got 2 stars and not one. Although the portrait lacks any documentation, it provides the foundation for virtually all the evidence Menzies later cites for Chinese exploration.

See Longquan chuan chang zhi, 5: Ultimately, I feel he rushed to judgment.

Menzies has no basis for this estimate since gavni average speed can be calculated only for the — expedition, for which a detailed itinerary survives. This assertion is based on a publication—not correctly cited by Menzies—that makes no such claim about a da Gama report, a Chinese fleet, or an armada of ships.


Before you know it, he’s started asking your friends who they think discovered the world and after a short time, the friend’s nods and smiles go from sincerely interested to polite to barely h You might have that certain relative in your family who is affable enough, but gavih some really weird ideas that he loves to go on about.

A book review by John Wills mentions the PBS program, and how Menzies is cross-examined on camera, politely but firmly, and several times has to admit that he may be mistaken on a particular point.

Updates and Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution of For example, at one point in the book, he claims that Greenland was navigable in the 15th century because it was warmer then p. The bad news is that reaping such largesse evidently requires producing a book as outrageous as You may find many discussion and critics about the book when you surf on internet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Their five-storey north London home has become the hub of the history machine, with an entire room given over to files of evidence on the top floor and a team of four graduates working full-time in the basement.