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Hem Diskussioner Workshop Marknad Sändningar. Left 4 Dead 2 Butikssida. Denna artikel har tagits bort från gemenskapen för att den bryter mot Steams riktlinjer för gemenskapen och innehåll.

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Paul Fadden: Che bello . :D

Lady.Whatever: Can we have dating a Muslim woman next please.

Regenlounge: Jewish women and black men is the most beautiful combination.

Siegristrm: Funny as hell

Rammelhoofd: I'd rather have the Danish female.

The Grey Wade: Since Greece after WWwasn't under the Soviet Union rules.but under the UK protection .there was a totally different development.

Kraw1989: I was born in chile but my mom and dad are from Venezuela so i mix the accents chilean and venezuelan but i will always prefer the Venezuelan accent

Metalltitan: And she pretends to be so masculine. it is shameful

Michael Q: I gonna see Dating a Polish woman

No Madge: I don't get it, are they guessing the language or the country? Because English was in there twice.

Harun Ouma: Turkish women are amazing and beautiful

Honey Bunny: I find black guys attractive, but only christian or atheist nigerians are okay :)

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Stylish devils scene 2

He doesn't know his number???

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Issa Belde: Polish women please

Lilprpmami1: Looks like I will be very comfortable with French people :)

Stijn VD Brug: When it come to test like these, it's hard to have an independent variable, especially when it has to do with language because the speed, tone, pronunciation, and overall voice changes. One girl might like the sound of a deep, slow, and soft sound to the voice while another might like an average pitch with normal pace voice.

Jorge Ortiz: Contro le porte della notte

Betsiecow: My friend is from Spain and he barely spoke English but even through language and cultural barriers we still understood each other even without having to say a word. It still amazes me how we can connect with some people like that! I've never experienced anything like it.

Hanna Havam: Make one for dating malaysian or indonesian men )

Lisa Simpson: Oye vi a un wey!

Michael Games: Thanks for it! Shalom

It Is A: Please make one about swiss :D

Heartu Hobi: Can you do one of Puerto Rican women?

Angel Burton: Why the polish one was so baddd. Shame beacause polish is such a beutiful launguage

Mafe Vega: You know you are dating a Israeli woman, when she freaks out when seeing an innocent Palestinian girl!

Pactubular: Please do dating a Fillipino man please!

Velveteon: Esta claro que no es el acento lo que lo hace sexy, sino la forma de hablar. ;)

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  1. Where exactly is it written that all gays go to hell,please?Would like to know that:)

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