The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky. The great Russian bishop of the last century, Theophanes “The Recluse” (d. ), in one of his pastoral. Candidate, University of Oxford, UK speaks on “George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism.” Read about the seminar on the St. Vladimir’s. Fr. George Florovsky Resource Page. About Georges Vasilievich Florovsky: Philosopher of the Orthodox World (1 of 8) · Georges Vasilievich.

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Spyridon the Wonderworker and Bishop of Tremithus.

The anathematisms of the council of were included in the rite for the Sunday Orthodoxy, in the Triodion. Those who would deny this distinction were anathematised and excommunicated. After his first graduation he taught for three years at high schools in Odessaand then made his full graduation including the licentia docendi at all universities in the Florovsku empire. Gregory Palamas as a ‘theology of facts’.

Theophanes felt that there was too much routine and convention in the life of Russian Christians. This admission seems to be silently implied in the restrictive commitment to the Seven, Ecumenical Councils. The secularizing trend in theology also signaled a crisis of faith. In our own time, we are coming more and more to the conviction that ‘theology of facts’ is the only sound Orthodox theology.

The Vatican view of doctrinal development in Tradition was that of ever greater profundity and clarification, so that it was not necessary to look to an earlier, less profound, less clear version of the Faith in the past because the latest version is bound to be clearer and better.


Their theology was still ‘kerygmatic theology’, even if it was often logically arranged and supplied with intellectual arguments. The Seventh Ecumenical Council introduces its decision concerning the Holy Icons in a more elaborate way: The Creed is charged with an eternal and loving Truth.

Cyprian and the Donatists.

Georges Florovsky – Wikipedia

As an gorge of our own failure and inadequacy, as an act of humble self-criticism, such an assumption is sound and helpful.

Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal. Let us quote another hymn-from the office of the Three Hierarchs. He was not concerned about abstract problems of philosophy, although he was well trained in this field too. Yet, in any case, S.

The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky

Without truth we are blind in the world, we have no path to follow. It is a living tradition-depositum it cannot be counted inter mortuas regulas. It has been recently suggested that Gnostics were actually the first to invoke formally the authority of an ‘Apostolic Tradition’ and that it was their usage which moved S. Irenaeus to elaborate his own conception of Tradition. The term is rather offensive for the modern ear. Benedict Works of Suplicius Severus, S. The apostolic preaching is kept alive in the Church, not only merely preserved.

He graduated from the University of Odessa in While the first response was critical, the second repudiated outright the approach of the Faith and Order report towards Christian reunion as entirely unacceptable to the Orthodox Church.


Saints – Bishops – Writers. The point is, however, that the current Eastern formula of ‘the Seven Ecumenical Councils’ is hardly much better, if it tends, as it usually does, to restrict or to limit the Church’s spiritual authority to the first eight centuries, as if ‘the Golden Age’ of Christianity has already passed and we are now, probably, already in an Iron Age, much lower on the scale of spiritual vigour and authority.

The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. Non dixit, Ego sum consuetudo Sententiae episcoporum numero 87, cap. But the Church is also ‘Patristic.

Salvation is more than forgiveness. It is that intimate intercourse of man with God, in which the whole of human existence is, as it were, permeated by the Divine Presence. But they are two contrasting realities. Orthodox are bound to confess their georte that the Church florovksy preserved fully the apostolic faith. There, together with his friend Archbishop Michael Constantinides, primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Florovsky led the Orthodox delegation in a serious challenge ggeorge the Protestant presuppositions of the assembly, in the form of two separate Orthodox statements: In fact, however, S.

Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki. But we still tend to limit the scope of admission, and obviously ‘Byzantine theologians’ are not readily counted among the ‘Fathers. I have been asked to