View the profiles of professionals named George Tarabichi on LinkedIn. There are 4 professionals named George Tarabichi, who use LinkedIn to exchange. The latest Tweets from George Tarabichi (@GeorgeTarabich1): “ان قلبي ينزف دما على ما يجري في بلدي وأجد نفسي عاجزا عن الكلام”. It is difficult to read the works of Abdallah Laroui, Mohammad Arkoun, Mohammad al-Jabri and Georges Tarabichi and not get affected by them.

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Ali Almatrood marked it as to-read Mar 10, Another example is his historical-analytical defense of ‘the Civilizational Islam’ presenting it as more rational than the ‘Civilizational Christianity’, in his book “the Fates of Philosophy between Islam and Christianity”, P.

The philosophical project of George Tarabishi has three dimensions. Hassane marked it as to-read Jan 08, Bintalnoor rated it liked it Nov 11, In other words, he didn’t perform the process of criticism, which we expected, on the contrary, he confiscated the process of criticism, which we waited for long.

We will not be able to fight the battle of modernism barren from real criticism. Fatima Abdoun marked it as to-read Sep 06, I have first to confess that the generation to which I belong, which followed two previous generations of renaissance thought, and which has been called the generation of the revolution, has lived and we lived with it a complete break with our heritage.

With respect to contemporary renaissance problems, he implements the psychoanalysis methodology in order to analyze and criticize the intellectual and cultural geroge Arabic realities.

Traabichi respect to dealing with heritage through his project of “Critique of critique of the Arabic reason”, he implements the methodology of deconstruction in order to reconsider the ‘epistemological’ basis of Aljabri’s text. I am not afraid from the future despite all the factors of pessimism in the Arabic reality today.

Tarabishi takes a firm position from the issue of geoorge, which is that Islam is only a religion, and the social practices even in the early Islamic societies were in essence secular. In fact, Aljabri has introduced for me the occasion, the starting point, but not the end point. Dawn added it Sep 08, For, Tarabishi deals with Islam itself, as a religion, and with the Islamic heritage in all its theological, philosophical, scientific, and religious aspects as the heritage of the Arabic cultural itself.


Serena wins on return but US lose Hopman Cup opener. Published February 1st by Saqi Books first published February 1st We reserve the right to correct, when at all possible, obvious errors in spelling and grammar.

Georges Tarabichi – Wikipedia

Let’s start by stating a real fact, which is that there is no existence of a modern or contemporary Arabic philosophy. Be the first to ask a question about Woman Against Her Sex. There is a need for us to recognize that we, geore a nation, possess the most comprehensive heritage in comparison with the other nations of the world.

From one side, he studies his relation to what is termed the ‘Eastern philosophy’, and proves at the end that such a philosophy has no objective basis.

Translator, Critic, and Scholar Georges Tarabichi, 77

Here I see that the reading which takes its queue from modernism and its methodologies to construct such a continuity with the heritage, can add to, and enrich, the self. Though he critiqued Al-Jabiri’s works, Tarabichi always spoke of his debt to Al-Jabiri, saying that he “transferred my thinking from the Western ideology to the Arab and Taravichi legacy … He enchanted me with the problematic issues he raised … I wish if I had continued writing everything I wanted to write about his project during his life … it is disturbing to be in a dialogue with someone who departed this life … He moved me from ideology to epistemology.

Dialogue — Islamonline Website. He was director of Damascus Radio from to Aljabri’s epistemology cuts its concepts from the body of the text and sews it into the other body without any methodological precautions. Dialogue — Alhayat Newspaper.

Secularism Tarabishi takes a firm position from the issue of secularism, which is that Islam is only a religion, and the social practices even in the early Islamic societies were in essence secular.

Egyptian writers, artists and film-makers have launched a public campaign for greater freedom of creativity and The intellect of political boycotts in the Arab world Would you choose to participate or boycott a political process relevant to general elections in an Arab country or Andrea Haddad marked it as to-read Oct 15, Tarabishi afterwards gives an example of such a problem and introduces a detailed analysis to uncover the deep epistemological problems of such a text.

As a result of war such a complex has turned out to be a collective paranoia, which forced us to search for compromise in fantasies that don’t exist. He allowed himself to become a rebel against himself by criticizing and questioning his own approaches.


It took the reader through a range of emotions, from a sense of weakness to strength and from stimulation to deterrence.

Critique of Critique of the Arabic Reason. Not resigning himself to closed facts and vision, taraichi questioned his own thought that allowed himself to revisit ideas consistently.

In addition to his translations of the works of the major Western thinkers and philosophers, such as Hegel, Freud, Sartre, and Tarabicji de Beauvoir, which exceeded books, Tarabishi has accomplished a number of researches and studies in the areas of philosophy, general thought, and literature criticism, such as: Athira Unni rated it liked it Oct 21, The modern Arabic renaissance project has developed under a heavy effect of colonialism in our area… Consequently, the renaissance intellectual had to build and deconstruct himself at the same time.

He began his career as a print journalist, covering politics and culture for the Saudi newspapers Okaz, Al-Riyadh and Al-Watan. A critique of the work of Egyptian feminist, Nawal el-Saadawi.

We are a heritage nation, overwhelmed with heritage from the top of our heads to the toes of our feet, therefore, we can’t enter modernism bared from such texts, it is the founder of all what we have… We should understand these texts in view of tarabicji needs not as the ancient understood it. Amr Ezzat marked it as to-read Mar 17, Twrabichi the introduction of his book Critique of critique of the Arabic reason — the resigned reason geprge Islam”, he says.

In the article, Tarabichi also reflects on his religious upbringing and exiting that very Christian phase of his life to know more about Islam, and to know about Freud, Marxism and leftist thought, his relation with Al-Jabiri and his recent writings.

Foujan marked tarabichu as to-read Nov 16, Arab thoughts in the Alps Here in Switzerland, the train chugs along nicely between Geneva and Lausanne.