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Vad skulle det tillföra? Bra My, klok och full av erfarenhet. Din tallrik ser god och nyttig ut.

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ManryLion: Was it filmed in nz?

Daniel Hanlon: Gucci scarf aye,

Gretchen C: This guy is a weak kneed, limp dicked beta FOOL!

Ana BurГ©: She looks like a prostitute , not kind of a normal romanian woman

Willa Bema: His pizza looked good tho. I'm italian

TagusMan: And this high self-esteem because Russian women are smart and real women.

Mia Crowhurst: Yikes! lmao .

Peaches Pia: Also, sarcasm and dry humour is not a Filipino/Filipina's forte. most of the time we take a joke too seriously and can't laugh at ourselves. :P :)

Jjungleee: NEVER EVER attempt to cook ''Italian food for an Italian, woman or male. Especially if you're American, your version of ''Italian food is an insult and a war declaration to Italians, you're asking to be killed.

Smingmachine: I miss England. But this video makes it look like English guys are just super cute, awkward, romantic and almost too respectful. Guys in this videos are also usually made to look hot in one way or another. Which is cool, if it can inspire some of them (and allow us to know what our perfect guys would be : Now whether that's 2 accurate.

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White socked soccer twinks

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Skotiskiller: Acho o sotaque de Portugal mais bonito

Amber Dusus: That was so funny when she tried to lean on him

Art By Bing: Not all guys are attracted to the same things. White guys are into big boobs, Black guys are into big butts and Asian guys I have no idea.I guess slender slim figure.

Gabe Katzman: Put slovakia leanguage in there :D Iam From slovakia

Baby Cass: What aboot Canada?

Brickcellent: OMG! I want to learn French

Armani Nguon: If you are going to sweden be careful of the muslims who are invading the country

Landx ВЂў: La francaise avait un accent MERDIQUE mais c pas possible

Midnite Man: Someone teach me how to speak French!

Rendarsmith: You left out the part where Russian women like babies and they all want one of their own. Or six.

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