Posts about Gioconda by Lucille Turner written by M.K. Tod. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gioconda proposes an elegant solution to the problem of why the Gioconda – Kindle edition by Lucille Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Gioconda [Lucille Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We know him as Renaissance genius: inventor, scientist, artist. Visionary.

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A list of the characters at the start of the book would have helped, as they seemed as undeveloped as the book itself. An intriguing look into da Vinci’s life. A sense of calmness pervades the writing, despite the turbulent era of 15th century Italy, and the author creates a feeling of being at one with nature in her descriptions of the Tioconda countryside and Leonardo’s discoveries.

Gioconda: Lucille Turner – The Idle Woman

Many of the scrolls housed there were Greek and Syriac works moved from the House of Wisdom of Baghdad to the libraries of Alexandria and Constantinople before the time of the Mongol siege inwhen the Mongol armies threw the remainder of the works of Arabic scholars into the River Tigris.

At the time of its conquest, the taking of Constantinople was considered as the unequivocal act of a great conqueror.

Will I got given this in a giveaway and am ashamed to say I have only just read it as it got put on a pile and somehow forgotten. Jacqueline Vioconda debut A River in the Trees riverrun uses the dual settings of and in a story about family secrets hurner lies regarding the War of Independence and one mysterious woman’s involvement.

As a passionate reader of Historical Fiction I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately it fell a little flat.


The description of his childhood and the surroundings and events that led to his later work is extremely well. After the French Revolution it came to be housed at the Louvre. I got given this in a giveaway and am ashamed to say I have only just read it as it got put on a pile and somehow forgotten. It is true that my issues with the book derive from my very particular idea of what historical fiction should be like.

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Sep 26, Kim added it Shelves: Leonardo kept it closely guarded at his side for years, refusing to deliver giocona to the man who had commissioned it as a wedding portrait, Francesco del Giocondo.

The author’s undertaking of wiring an ‘autobiography’ of Da Vinci, itself deserves the biggest credit. As the Ottomans plot to take Constantinople, the future of Vlad Dracula becomes a weapon for those who would preserve the Golden City of the Eastern Church. His pursuit of La gioconda and what he does with the painting is so cleverly portrayed.

The answers I found made me something of a Leonardo devotee, because the man behind the painting was, in the end, the biggest mystery of all. From The Favourite to Toy Story 4, here are the movies to watch in Here are a few of the top movies hitting the If instead you are looking for emphasis on history and precise details describing the world of Leonardo da Vinci I wholeheartedly recommend The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone.

Alyssa captured the moment her cousin was I traced the old address to the new one, and set off eagerly, driven by the emotion of a place lost to memory and the prospect of finding the workshop that had produced the finest art in Florence. Settings Tips on technique 3: Despite all that, it’s not badly written.


Review: Fiction: Gioconda by Lucille Turner

A fictional story, but it really gave me an insight to the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist. The library of Constantinople housed almost all the scrolls gioconxa the ancient world. Author Philip Pullman ‘surprised and honoured’ at knighthood Author Philip Pullman says he was “surprised August 27 5: I can’t therefore speak to the accuracy of it, but names you mention above in your review appear in the same context as you state, so perhaps King is fairly accurate in his behind-the-scenes story.

We see a woman sitting on a balcony against the backdrop of a view, smiling. But for me it was the image of Constantine, the last emperor of Constantinople, defending the city of his name to the bitter end, which set itself at the heart of the tragedy. It is unlikely that Lufille del Giocondo would have been aware of the mountainous, primeval landscape that was being conjured at her back when the portrait was being painted.

Leonardo didn’t think so: A weak theme leaves you feeling there is something you have missed, or something the author has missed.

Spurned by his tutor, he is sent by his despairing father to Florence as an apprentice. The fate of these hugely important scrolls became a source of fascination for me as I wrote The Sultan, the Vampyr giocobda the Soothsayer. In the run up to what is called the Fall of Constantinople, the Catholic Church was before a choice. Vale, se hace un poco largo de leer porque la trama avanza lentamente