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His social circle game was very similar to what I do, but he actually codified what I was doing.

Meeting Women in Bars and Clubs. Finally finished it and realized exactly how powerful it is. Oh my god, I have pretty much all the products you two listed, if I don’t get this jeffreis to work I’ll feel terrible.

Pick Up Artist Will’s Success Story – The Attraction Methods

Experience the results now! Mon Dec 27, 3: Beginner Intermediate Learning Format: I highly recommend the Advanced Masters Weekend tapes once you have a foundation in place.

Even my master students find, from time to time, the need for a refresher. This is kind of woo woo, but Magic has a strong energy about him. From the Desk of: Just ordered sexual frames, I’ll post a SS3.


Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction – Methods and Masters Gold Walkups

I’ve also heard RJ doing that, “I don’t have much time to talk. The shopping consult was almost worth the price of admission alone. The point I want to make here is that his take on this is different, completely normal, and not a lot to have to rehearse and memorize.

Mystery uses this line for A3. No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? He did exactly what he taught us in field and showed what is truly possible. And the personal transformation work just kicks ass so hard. Secrets Of Online Dating. DC ross does example of how to ask questions to a woman on stage, the words to use to create a sliding anchor, verbal ratification is explained by major mark, looping commands after you read a poem to her, fractionation explained by major mark 7.

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March in Amsterdam Click on this link for more info http: The DC has lots of great themes to borrow from. I’ve seen RJ use the ” I’m from L. RJ is really a pioneer. Does She Like You? I bought all the products; I waliups to the home-study courses again and again. What if the very same processes, thoughts, and flows of energy and feeling that, up until now have kept you stuck could be transmuted and harnessed to work in your favor powering you to joyous and stunning confidence that attracts women anywhere you happen to go?


Is it a good deal?


Fuentes, claiming he blows SS out of the waters, so it’d be worthwhile having a look at his stuff. I learned a ton about my sticking point as far as my business and motivation.

Thu Dec 30, 5: These tools teach you how to golv at the world through eyes of possibility. Innovativeness Is it something totally new? Best things about the weekend: Jeffires Game — Spent a whole day personalizing what we needed to work on.

Write your own review. When you put it all together, you:.