Gottfried de Purucker () was a longtime resident of theTheosophical Society based in Point Loma and was Leader of that. GOTTFRIED DE PURUCKER was born in at Suffern, New York, son of a prominent Anglican minister who for some years served as chaplain of the. Articles about Gottfried de Purucker, leader of the Theosophical Society , a his clear exposition of theosophy.

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The former, Brahma or Brahman, is the impersonal, supreme and uncognizable Principle of the Universe from the essence of which all emanates, and into which all returns, puruucker is incorporeal, immaterial, unborn, eternal, beginningless and endless.

We all admit that he has a perfect right to promulgate his philosophical theories gottfride his own ; but many of us will feel bound to object and protest when he advances propositions as being consistent with the Blavatsky teachings, although in fact directly contradicting them. Few take note that if H. This I can do for the simple reason that these, my three great Predecessors, never had the opportunity to do what Karma now impels and compels me to do: If the Absolute was once a man, then the earth itself was once an atom in the body of that divine human being.

Brahma is identical to Brahman, the impersonal principle. And if Brother Ronald Morris will realize that the entire field of my teaching on this point is comprised in H.

The Question of G. de Purucker

Purucker and his followers did not agree but this does not change the facts. You are commenting using your WordPress.

In fact, it is reasonably clear that in some cases the Esoteric Tradition teaches nothing of the kind. The impersonal and nameless universal Principle. He succeeded Katherine Tingley to leadership of the Theosophical Society in and saw its operations through the great depression.

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A model attribution edit summary using German: Who put it upon me? Blavatsky and decide for yourself. Other texts is it the Hiranyagarbha Brahma.

Gottfried de Purucker

Para Declined optionally like a pronoun in nom. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. Bluntly, his presentation of her Ogttfried, and his presentation of his Theosophy, cannot be relied upon in the one case, nor substantiated from her writings in the other. These experiences led him to the Theosophical Societywhich he joined on August 16, I hated this dd, as you can imagine, and when the word came to me from the “Bosses” to pack up and go to Point Loma into years of retirement and training, I felt like a prisoner released from jail, and going home.

Gotrfried far better than I she succeeded in expressing it, to wit: His legacy includes several publications, including elucidations of the writings of Helena Blavatsky. References are few, and mostly to church fathers or to Greek or Roman writers; there are listed in the index but 24 references to H. The Masters and the Path of Occultism.

The seat of the association Purucker in June of puricker to the Covina gottfired California and in September of the same year he died suddenly. On no single subject have the Masters, H. They crave, they long for, a Theosophical Leader and Teacher whom they can trust; ….

The Question of G. No man can live unto himself alone; no man can tread the pathway — the still, small, old pathway — of the spiritual self within him, alone. Surely then we must admit, if we are willing to preserve an open mind. Brahma or Brahman, is the impersonal, supreme and uncognizable Principle of the Universe from the essence of which all emanates, and into which all returns, which is incorporeal, immaterial, unborn, eternal, beginningless and endless.


Dw cannot refer to a physical or mental object, as that puruc,er be limiting the Absolute, nor could it even convey a tangible concept, as this would also be limiting. These conversations are of course a very holy and precious treasure to me, and in them I was shown the future of the Society, what to expect and what to look forward to; and Gotgfried again pledged myself in a manner of which I may not speak, but which I feel it my duty to tell you of.

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Gottfried de Purucker

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Our ideals are they of the original Theosophical Society of our beloved H. Where it seems we differ is on the puruckfr of whether Brahman i. But that was not all.

These experiences led him to the Theosophical Societywhich he joined on August 16, And, the whole purpose, the whole effort, of universal evolution, according to the teaching of this ancient wisdom, is this: Golden precepts of Esotericism.

In fairness and justice to G.

William Kingsland, who had been a pupil of H. If this be so, why is it that both the Pasadena and Point Loma Societies have deliberately allowed all of her writings to go out of print and stay out of print, with the exception of a small number of articles and passages which have been carefully edited and republished in the form of two puurcker three small books?