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Loosely inspired by the historical Kassiani. A powerful king in Denmark who ends up being overthrown by Ragnar.

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When Harald Finehair attempts to raid Wessex, Heahmund fights in the frontline. Filmed in Ireland, it premiered on 3 March in Canada. Based on the historical Burgred of Kulic. While publicly boastful, in private Ivar is deeply insecure gudrub himself ,ulich feels unloved by all except his mother Aslaug. Based on the semi-historical Aud the Deep-Minded. Posted by deBBie at 1: Characters Awards and nominations. Captured by Ragnar on his first raid, Athelstan is constantly torn between the customs of Christian England and the pagan ways of Scandinavia.


She is later freed and married by Ubbe. A composite character of the historical Halfdan Ragnarsson and semi-historical or legendary Halfdan the Blackthe father of Harald Fairhair. Pretender to the throne of Mercia. She has a legitimate son with Aethelwulf, Aethelred, and an illegitimate one with Athelstan, Alfred.

He is cruel and spiteful. Son of Judith and Athelstan. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild’s daughter, who joins Floki’s expedition to set up a colony. Soon after she finds herself pregnant and induces Lagertha to kill her during battle. He is chosen by Floki for an expedition to set up a colony. An influential advisor at the court of King Ecbert. She possesses a strategic mind and an urge to regain her power and influence, but grows to care for Ragnar and his family.

Dobie Duck by Lena Foong. Based on the semi-historical or legendary Harald Fairhair. Ruler of the most powerful kingdom in England.

thread and fiber bears and animals

Retrieved 3 December He offers himself as a sacrifice at Uppsala. There has been a LOT of discussion fighting, upleasantness, etc over the use of the term thread bear in light of the acquired “Thread Bears” trademark and their claims. Prince Aethelwulf and Princess Judith’s son. Accessed 5 January They are listed in the order that they first appeared on the show. She and Bjorn have a secret affiar. Harald’s violent younger brother. Snowball by Becky Parker. When Helga brings her to the sack of Ecbert’s villa, Tanaruz snaps and stabs Helga and then kills herself.


He is murdered by Ivar after refusing to recognise Ivar as a god and predicting Ivar’s fall. When faced by Harald in battle, he is killed. Retrieved 14 April Ragnar and Aslaug’s second son. He is killed by Ragnar during personal julich.

In January our talented members have done some really amazing creations! This tiny, tiny bear is only 12mm 0,47 inches small! Loosely based on Ragnar’s unnamed daughters.