Reading the original Dr Simeons hCG Diet Protocol will give you a better understanding of how the hCG diet works and better your chances for success. It is from this landmark study that the modern HCG Protocol derives its approach. In the manuscript, Dr. Simeons discusses the complex. Dr. Simeon is the creator of the HCG protocol and he started it on obesity patients over 50 years ago. Many people have tried to recreate the protocol with little.

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You can also add Stevia or Saccharin. Then, in the evening have protoccol large steak oz followed by an apple OR a raw tomato. Water, tea and coffee are allowed in unlimited quantities on this diet. Don’t Waste Your Money! Then in the second 3-week period, you can slowly start to add healthy sugars and starches back into your diet. Steam a serving of cabbage for 10 minutes aimeons toss the lemon and mustard mixture over the cabbage. This is normal and is caused from your body detoxing from all the caffeine, sugar, preservatives, etc.

To control weight for the rest of your life, just weigh yourself daily. Enjoy our free download of Dr.

However, most types of seasonings are allowed, including: Add salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, basil, and oregano. I got the recipes and a program with what I should do, did a bioimpedance smieons that was it. The muscular effort consumes Calories which must be provided by food. Salt and pepper Vinegar Garlic Mustard powder Basil Parsley Thyme You can also use the juice of one lemon per day, so you can create your own dressings from the allowed foods and seasonings.


Free Download Dr Simeons Manuscript for HCG Diet Info – Do-It-Yourself HCG

HCG may suppress hunger or affect the hormones that control appetite. Transition off hCG Diet: Lunch Choose one item from each of the four categories below: Your vegetable and protein must be eaten together at meal times. Through working with our customers, we have found this phase to be unnecessary and therefore completely optional.

Mixed Nuts Gorge Day Snack 4: The first phase is the first two days of the diet. The diet was developed by Dr Simeons and has been proven to be a successful weight loss method, especially for obese individuals.

Plan Summary

Somewhere between 23 and simwons days on the Pounds and Inches Away program whenever you decide to stopyou do the Exit Days. The next morning when you weigh in, you should protocop back within 2 lbs of your supplement date weight. The 23 Day Plan The 23 day plan is usually best for people with less than 15 pounds to lose. We also carry Phase 3 approved protein shakes, protein bars, supplements, etc.

Eating such a restricted diet will lower your thyroid function as your body is put into “survival” mode.

During all of Maintenance and even after, you need to continue to weigh yourself every day. Secondly the muscular effort of moving a heavy body is greater than in the case of a light body.

These days consist of taking your supplement and eating high-fat food without making yourself sick. Massage and other spa treatments are also discouraged during the VLCD because they can interfere with weight loss.


The chicken breast must be off the bone. Aspirin or Ibuprofen are allowed as long as they are not gel caps or sugar-coated. Looking to find out more information about the HCG Diet? This is protocol is not without side effects.

Form the mixture into small meatballs and cook at degrees for 10 minutes, turning the meatballs over halfway through. Yet every physician who has studied obese patients under rigorously controlled conditions knows that this is not true.

Although the diet only includes certain foods, you can make a wide variety of recipes. Individuals will continue with the calorie plan but discontinue the HCG supplementation.

Dr Albert Simeons and the HCG diet protocol

Simeons’ original manuscript, entitled “Pounds and Inches,” describes the HCG diet protocol in detail. The meat should have no visible fat, and it should be weighed raw. In the first few days of the diet, you may experience slight prltocol. According to the University of Idaho in Coeur d’ Alene, calories is not even protocll sufficient amount of calories to support normal cognitive brain function or physical movement. Only one kind of vegetable is allowed per meal.