The Hendershot Motor Mystery [F. D. Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/ The Hendershot Motor , MB The Hendershot , MB. The New . F. D. Flemming, “The Hendershot Motor Mystery,’ Fate, vol.3, no.l, January , pages Also: Gaston Burridge, “The So-Called Hendershot Motor,’ Round.

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Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

Hence the need for N-S alignment along the length myatery the device. My son and I attempted the more complex Hendershot back in to no avail.

A top view would show the items 18 and 27 as rectangular but closer to square cores with open centers wherein the coils are disposed. Thanks for the video Deepcut. If Ion could test his build and get results I will switch tracks and build one.

Lester J Hendershot Generator

The oath I took to gain my top secret security clearance will not let me build weapons or upset the economic balance of any nation. They don’t necessarily have to be on rails. May have to revive this at some point, but right now I’m more interested in the proof of concept Mark1. I also have a download link to download Deepcuts video in avi format if anyone wants a file copy, just PM me and i will mail the link. Around the magnet were coils rigged as only Hendershot knows how to rig them, and another set of coils pass through the center of the ring.


All that is hrndershot are the measurement specs.

Hendershot declares that one of his motors, complete and ready to be installed in an airplane would weigh little more than four ounces for every horsepower it developed, while the best of the gas engines now built weighs about two pounds per horsepower. The guys at NuTech get it almost right, but still have erred in their sectional depiction of coils 4 and 22 on page The wire would have to ordered.

It not only ran the motor but it burned it out”, Major Lanphier said. He said that the same principle which made his original model operate only when it was placed in one direction, north and south, will be developed so that it will provide a compass that will always indicate true north.

New York Times February 28, But it must be set before each flight, and is not always reliable. A;though the wire gauge and circumferences are given. DeepCut on The hendershof in the motor, he thinks, probably would have to be recharged after about hours of operation.

Which direction is N-S? Note that a standard interleaved E I stack was used with the center legs cut out and coil inserted as in a normal transformer.

Building an oscillating magnetic field device will get you warnings. The coil is a magnetic dipole rotating mystwry the earth magnetic dipole. Where does Hendershot explain the operation of the Mark 1 device? Wow ION great stuff.


Major Lanphier said he first became interested in the Hendershot hrndershot machine several weeks ago mystsry Peat; that in common with others he thought at first it was more or less “bunk” but after seeing it work he became interested. Hendershot The Lester J. Or maybe this is easier to visualize, we use the current induced in the rotor to magnetize the stator coils to strengten the magnetic field even more, mitor each location, so we move the magnetic field location with the rotor position, always at its maximum to induced the maximum voltage to generate the maximum current so that it generates the maximum magnetic field in the stator, so on and so forth, on mgstery on in a circular loop that only amplifies itself with time.

Barr Peat, have been quietly working on an experimental model. You build an intervection device heterodyning two magnetic fields at an interference point will get you killed. The rail transformers could be another board just placed on top. Attached is my marked up figure 3.

On the earth itself? Attached is all three views from page 26 EDIT: