How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work [Megan Hustad] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There’s a lot of career advice . Megan Hustad. · Rating details · ratings · 63 reviews. A delightfully original, unerringly hip, yet marvelously practical handbook for a new and slightly . Megan Hustad worked at Knopf, Basic Books, and Counterpoint Press before leaving publishing to write a book about the unexpectedly.

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Yes, the author’s digested a load of books for the reader’s benefit, but it almost feels like they don’t really know any more than you do about the subject and they could have used th Fine, with some interesting bits, but seemed overall a bit formulaic: It complies the best of success literature going back to jow ‘s and ending with the Trump. I plan to go back and read it from the beginning someday. I found that during A very entertaining and inspiring book–especially for the disenchanted or those with the beginnings of a desire to do even better professionally.

Encourages importance of low level work errands, etc although this worri Got a lot out of this book and can see me rereading it yustad some day. I do think that “success literature” has it’s place – that we ought to better prepare younger workers for what’s expected of them in dress and behavior, and to remember that not everyone has the natural instincts required to get ahead in corporate culture.

A cute and zippy overview of what to do and what not to do in the workplace, distilled from years “success literature” e. Here’s what I came up with ah, the callow brilliance of the year-old! In all cases, Hustad has the ability to interpret the author’s sometimes century-old ideas for us 21st-century workers with humor and the genuine frankness of a good mentor.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I originally picked this up as a joke to show a co-worker, but then when we started looking at it, realized it actually offered some useful advice. Mar 11, emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Get fast, hkstad shipping with Amazon Prime. Dodging the Great Failure Armywhich focused on avoiding snark and staying positive without being saccharine.


I was surprised — but perhaps shouldn’t have been — to discover that Helen Gurley Brown ‘s Sex and the Single Girl and ‘s Sex and the Office went on and on and on and on about this.

From there my trajectory was decidedly downward. Then she culls the best advice from a century’s worth of success literature the books you’d be too embarrassed to read yourself to show how work and even the idea of professional climbing can be artfully reimagined.

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work

I recall being offended when my grandpa gave me “How to Win Friends and Influence People” nustad I graduated college, and feeling talked-down-to for being given “The 7 habits of highly effective people. Along with explanation of what one should do in a given situation at office, the book painstakingly describes the context and human nature for this situation making itself a comprehensive business help!. There are brilliant exceptions, but Aug 02, Kate rated it it was amazing.

I am getting through this more slowly than, say, a detesctive novel, but it is very rewarding. The early scenes of Carrie wandering the streets of turn-of-the-century Chicago, fresh off huxtad train, looking for work, are the stuff of perfect costume drama.

The book is practical and offers some sound advice in the way that I think most of my peers would disagree. And then there are those who are already stationed, pouring their second cup of coffee, always at 8: Megan painfully dances around subjects while dispensing very little practical advice. This is the book you’ll want to travel back in time and press into the hands of your 22 year old self.


The book follows, in chronological order from the 19th century on, a series of self-help books that Hustad deems relevant to success in work.

Aug 29, Jessie rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally from the wilds of Minneapolis, she now lives in New York City. I mean, Lincoln had it down, but it didn’t come easy.

Feb 27, Dana rated it liked it Shelves: See all 27 reviews. You’ve landed the job.

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work: Megan Hustad: : Books

When I finished college, I followed my then-girlfriend now wife to Los Angeles, where she was to attend grad school. At the end of the week, perhaps we’ll ask Ms.

Oh, and it’s not only that mental-health days are sometimes necessary.

Everyone from Napoleon Hill to Donald Trump is included. Some of it was good to read as a reminder and to refreshen my current work sit Hjstad was really hard to get into the book in the first couple of chapters; I am not a fan of her writing style. Children, if you took a long, hot shower and still smell of beer, consider a suit. I typically am rather kind or near-mute in my reviews but when she referred to Warren Buffet as the “Prophet of Omaha” instead of the” Usefuul of Omaha” as he is known, I had to say something.

And, oh, I would wear a suit, something usful I nor anyone else would conceive of wearing in the newsroom, unless heading out for an interview.

Max Welcome to the Working Week 2: We’d need music for the hour each wayinternational journey.