Common Names. Hoxsey herbs; Hoxsey formula; Hoxsey method. Jump to: For Patients & Caregivers; For Healthcare Professionals. The BioMedical Center may be the oldest alternative cancer clinic in North America. It started in Dallas, Texas, circa as the Harry Hoxsey Cancer Clinic . Cancer and Hoxsey therapy – It is always painful to swim against the flow!.

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Hoxsey formula – Nature’s Food Patch

Her sister carried on her work. My Account Contact Us. A red paste may be used, which tends to be caustic irritatingand contains antimony trisulfide, zinc chloride, and bloodroot. Patient interviews were used to confirm the existence and stage of cancer; some of the patients were unaware of the stage of their tumor and in some cases medical records were not available.

A Study By 10 honest Physicians The clinic is outpatient only. His fiery rhetoric about evil monopolies, conniving Jews and dastardly communists hit home with many Americans who struggled to eke out an existence. J Naturopathic Med ; 5 1: Here is a thedapy Not one patient at these other clinics claimed that they personally knew anyone who had attended those clinics and had been cured of cancer or anything else.

The American Medical Association condemned Hoxsey’s “caustic pastes” and tonics as fraudulent. The secret formula turned out to be a mixture of thegapy clover, prickly ash, buckhorn, alfalfa and potassium iodide. Avery Publishing Group Inc. Cancer is like a virus and it needs foods to eat to stay alive. Poke root Phytolaeca Americana.

Interactions with Herbs and Dietary Supplements Scientific evidence of herb or supplement interactions with the Hoxsey formula is currently unavailable. The information in this monograph is intended for informational purposes only, and is meant to help users better understand health concerns. In addition, it stipulated that Starchild gherapy be treated by an oncologist of his choice who was both board-certified in radiation therapy as well as interested in hoxseyy methods to treat Hodgkin disease.

Two Federal courts upheld the “therapeutic value” of the Hoxsey internal tonic. Orthodox physicians, he maintained, mutilated their patients with surgery and burned them with radiation in a futile effort to destroy cancer. Being a Quaker, he did not want to shoot the animal and instead put it in a meadow to graze and finish its days in peace.


Indeed, Hoxsey maintained that any man who has to resort to a biopsy lacks experience or mistrusts his own ability. As a curious anecdote, every one of the 39 patients attending the Hoxsey clinic the “Bio-medical Center” claimed to personally know someone who was diagnosed with cancer in North America, came to the Hoxsey clinic, and claimed to be cured of their cancer.

Inthe FDA sent an investigator to Hoxsey’s clinic posing as hoxseh patient. We are willing to assist this clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. Because at the age of 16 he was still a minor, Social Services considered the parents to be negligent and sought to have Cherrix undergo conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

People who fall victims to quacks are diverted goxsey this narrow course for the best clinical management of cancer. Hoxsey Herbs The following herbs are used in the Hoxsey remedy.

The Suppression of a Natural Cancer Cure

Ironically Hoxsey himself died of prostate cancer — and, yes, he did take his own therapy. In Hoxsey chose a site in Tijuana, where today stands the thriving Bio-Medical Centre, home of the therapy. I specialize, and I am successful, at helping people with cancers. There were no cases of actual cures among those promoted as such by the Hoxsey clinic.

Hoxsey had developed a caustic treatment and was an ex-mining quack. For over one-half of the [cancer] patients from British Columbia, the result [of treatment with the Hoxsey method] has been either death or progression of the disease. Commissioner Larrick warned Hoxsey publicly in You should always read product labels.

A study took place in by ten physicians who visited the Hoxsey’s clinic in Dallas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In only one case, an external cancer, was there any evidence at all that the Hoxsey treatment had an effect on the disease; in that case, better results could have been obtained by orthodox means. This group found that while many elements of Hoxsey Therapy had antitumor activity in vitrothe complete Hoxsey tonic had never been tested in animal models or in human clinical trials.


In addition to the herbs, the Hoxsey treatment now also includes antiseptic douches and washes, laxative tablets, and nutritional supplements. By the Cancer Chemotherapy National Services Center researching plants used in folklore, noted that they often had anti-cancer activity.

Hoxsey argued that it was the NCI’s responsibility to seek out the information necessary to verify his case reports, and attributed the failure to do so to a conspiracy on the part of the NCI and AMA. Duke of the United States Department of Agricultureeight of the nine Hoxsey-tonic herbs have some anti-tumor activity in animal models, five have antioxidant effects, and all nine have antimicrobial activity that may be linked hoxsdy cancer-fighting effects.

The treatment consists joxsey a caustic herbal thherapy for external cancers or an herbal mixture for “internal” cancers, combined with laxatives, douches, vitamin supplementsand dietary changes. Cancers that have responded well to the Hoxsey protocol are lymphoma, melanoma, and skin cancer, although other forms of cancer have been completed healed as well.

He was sent to jail and released on innumerable occasions on the grounds of practicing Medicine without a license. Stillingia root Stillingia sylvatica.

Senate committee to look into Alternative Cancer Therapies.

The Suppression of a Natural Cancer Cure

In fact both men were using sanguinarine, an alkaloid in bloodroot which has potent anti-tumour effects Young tnerapy Information is based on review of scientific research data, historical practice patterns, and clinical experience. Journal of Naturopathic Medicine. Hoxsey who developed cancer of the jaw and decided that conventional radiation was a better option.

Dogged in many states by legal trouble for practicing medicine without a license, Hoxsey frequently shut down his clinics and reopened them in new locations. There may be other proposed uses that are not listed below. We can control these: