Useful tips and advice to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. View and Download DUCATI HYPERMOTARD S owner’s manual online. HYPERMOTARD S Motorcycle pdf manual download. View and Download Ducati Hypermotard owner’s manual online. Ducati Hypermotard Motorcycle Owner’s manual. Hypermotard Motorcycle pdf manual.

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Closing Make sure all parts are correctly arranged and secured in the underseat compartment.


Page of Go. In the event of accidental contact hgpermotard eyes or skin, wash the affected area with generous Attention quantities of running water. All maintenance indicators can be “Reset” only by the authorized Ducati Service Center that will service the vehicle.

Check free play each time before using the vehicle. Page 69 The table below shows the errors that can be displayed: Carrying The Maximum Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Important Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding Never fix bulky or heavy objects to the steering with the maximum load allowed carried in full safety.

Move the ignition switch to 1, Fig Fig 9 Turns on to indicate that the high beam lights are hypermoatrd. Hypermotard means maximum fun everywhere. Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or when riding Warning in the areas near exits from private grounds, car parks or on Read this section before riding your motorcycle.


If ABS OFF is selected and stored, Ducati Use hyper,otard 1 and 2 to select the riding mode you recommends paying the utmost attention while wish to edit, then press maunal 4. Chain Lubrication Chain lubrication The chain fitted on your motorcycle has O-rings that keep dirt out of and lubricant inside the sliding parts. Housed in the handgrip of each ignition key is an electronic device that modulates an output signal. Refueling Refueling Never overfill the tank when refueling.


Replacing The Headlight Bulbs Replacing the headlight bulbs Before replacing hypermotadr burnt-out bulb, make sure that hypermtard new one complies with voltage and wattage as manial in the section covering the Electric System for that lighting device page The instrument panel receives the engine rpm information and displays it.

Page Charging and maintenance of the battery during winter storage Your motorcycle is equipped with a connector 1 under the seat to which you can connect a special battery charger 2 Battery maintainer kit part no. Carrying the maximum load allowed Your motorcycle is designed hypermtoard long-distance riding, carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety. To display this if you hold button 2 pressed, the count will function, access the Setting Menu and select the increase cyclically in steps of 1 minute every “CLOCK” Note To move the key to the last two positions, press Fig During the whole running-in period, the maintenance and service rules recommended in the Warranty Card should be observed carefully.

Page 47 – Menu 1 functions: Beam Setting Beam setting fig.

Braking Braking control unit keeps controlling the mankal until the risk of a lockup disappears. It has two positions: Throttle Twistgrip Throttle twistgrip The twistgrip 1 on the right handlebar opens the throttles. Riding safety When the roadway yypermotard wet, rely more on the throttle to control vehicle speed and less on the front and rear brakes.

Use buttons 1 and 2 to select the riding mode for which you wish to restore the default parameters, then press button 4.

Fig Fig Page 14 Important Important The passenger should always hold on to the Visually inspect the tires at regular intervals for grab handles under the seat with both hands.


Key on, solenoid starter, 10 A lambda sensor and stop Lights 15 A fig.


Rear turn indicators, 12V – 3W bulbs. Main maintenance operations Check and top up the coolant level Check the coolant level in the expansion reservoir on the right-hand side of the headstock. There are thirteen fuses that protect the electric Turn indicators: The brake is hydraulically controlled and operation requires minimum effort. In addition to the rev counter scale at the top, the instrument panel display shows engine rpm as a numeric value for improved accuracy when setting idle rpm.

Minimum tread depth Measure tread depth S,Fig at the point where tread is most worn down: Important Visually inspect the tires at regular intervals for cracks and cuts, especially on sidewalls, bulges or large spots which are indicative of internal damage. Important Engine oil and oil filters must be changed by a Ducati dealer or Authorised Workshop at the intervals specified in the scheduled maintenance chart reported in the Warranty Card.

Page 26 LAP timer This function lets you display lap times.

Adjust Rear-view Mirrors Adjust rear-view mirrors Manually adjust the rear-view mirror A until reaching the desired position. Battery should be checked and charged or replaced, as required whenever the motorcycle has been left unridden for over a month.

Code Card Warning Keep the keys in different places.

The ABS is disabled. Page 84 Fig Check if this part fits your vehicle.