I was looking into Hypershot but they can’t sell it due to disagreements since January. What’s a great rendering/animation software to use for. The Best 3D Rendering Software to Create Amazing Visuals. KeyShot is everything you need to create amazing visuals fast. The real-time 3D rendering. Welcome, First a basic history lesson: KeyShot, HyperShot and Shot are near blood/code related. (See Pic) Reserved spot for Tutorial Links.

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Gypershot, my password is: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hypershot just assigns the same material to faces of the same color. Texture links Texture links CG Textures. From scientifically accurate material and environment presets to advanced material editing and animation, creating interactive product visuals or sales and marketing imagery has never been easier.

Everything inside KeyShot happens in realtime.

Or maybe that was in the instructions too. KeyShot Viewer is a free, stand-alone application that enables secure sharing of KeyShot scenes for interactive, photo-realistic 3D model viewing, presentation and configuration, using the same real-time ray tracing render engine as KeyShot to produce amazing visuals tutogial speed and quality. Software in this list is not being hyperahot or recommended but merely listed for convenience.

Thanks for the reply! The interface is a constant moving target, and functionality gets added and removed without notice, so I never make any headway learning the software from tutrial release to the next. There must be a reason why even the artistic technology companies have limited support for Mac. There were a few other things, but some of it went over my head. The Best Use KeyShot. I just purchased tutoriall while they had the SWW special—great deal with the near half-price including the SolidWorks plug-in.


The one big downside to using Hypershot is that if you want to make geometry changes, you have to do that in SolidWorks and reimport, and then reassign materials. It creates a text file which you must mail in and wait for a license file.

Fast Everything inside KeyShot happens in realtime. Import through STEP was painless. Stellarium – – – – – – – – – – Topic for reference Texture Creation: Photoworks keeps improving, but the SW people are too smart for their own good. Share This Page Tweet. Anyway, they provide a way to rotate the model, but they make you guess about which tutkrial is up.

Bunkspeed Hypershot

This was only a problem in one case when I wanted to assign a different material to the grill than the wheel wells, and they were both black in SolidWorks. Welcome, First hypersuot basic history lesson: Hypershot is compatible with SolidWorks and can read SW files directly, but the current version does not read SolidWorks files.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The fastest, most powerful software for real-time 3D rendering and animation brings you even more ways to enhance your visuals tutorisl create amazing shots.

Learning Rhino and Hypershot by Lionel Carrasco at

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Maxwell render seemed like an alternative early on, but it turns out to be slow and the interface is probably as confusing as Photoworks. If you would like your software listed here Please PM me. My main impression of this software is that it is far easier to get good results than in Photoworks, especially when integrating the rendered part into the environment. I suppose I can break surfaces and select materials for a specific surface, right?


Once the materials are applied, the preview looks pretty good: One thing they could definitely improve on is the licensing of their trial version. KeyShot uses unique rendering technology which makes it possible to see all tutofial to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly.

Easy to integrate the rendering into the background. My model came in originally sticking straight up in the air with the back bumper on the hyoershot. No, create an account now. Mar 24, 2. Easy to use, easy to get good results.

Of course being a SW user, I wanted to rotate the background, but they assume that the world is fixed and your object is movable. Do you already have an account?

The real-time 3D rendering workflow displays results instantly and reduces the time it takes to create realistic product shots. Learn how your comment data is processed. Some very nice stuff from automotive industry pros.

Jeff take a look on the Bunkspeed website — you can do decals, and the version just released 1. The finished rendering looks pretty good by my standards: The Hypershot forum has a lot of nice work represented on it. A few things to tutlrial with the new version v1. Materials are relatively easy to assign, particularly if you have already assigned colors to your SolidWorks model.

A very big thank you to Ralf for sharing many of these great tools and links!!! In the end each has a slightly different feature set, but they are all realtime rendering programs.