I have been unable to find the fix for this error. ~~ ImageMagickObject. MagickImage.1 error ” convert: Postscript delegate failed. I have the x64 version of ImageMagick. When we got the “Postscript delegate failed” error, I looked it up and found HERE that I needed. What is wrong here? IS where convert is called: burns:~ peter$ convert rrr. eps convert: Postscript delegate failed `’: No.

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I have followed your steps and i have attached a screenshot.


On our system, Ghostscript generates a segmentation fault fialed your image but works on another system where we are using Ghostscript 8. Will let you know what I find. Until then, it’s 6.

When I run convert logo: Weslei Prudencio 3 5. I downloaded the 6. If so the problem is with Ghostscript, try upgrading your release.

If you want to try the version I am using, I can place it somewhere you can get to it. Jason Sundram 5, 12 58 Do you get expected results? Also what version of Ghostscript are you using?


What I can’t tell you is why this is happening. Little Endian CPU s: So maybe that’s imagemqgick possible cause. KenS 22k 1 21 Hi Ken Thanks again for the help. Email Required, but never shown. I’m fighting over the same thing. It works pretty much faiked same, if not faster in fact: I was receiving the same error message.

Seems like something is locking up. Just for testing purposes, can you set the permissions on the testing directory so that “Everyone” has Full Control? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Here is the asp code. I fixed a multithreading issue in the PDF reader a while back. I then installed gs and the same command worked properly after that. I’m afraid you need someone who can help you debug ‘convert’ rather than Ghostscript: What does this actually tell me?


I suspect that might be because of these temp file which are imagemagik getting deleted. Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of that? Its possible that convert is supposed to rename or copy the file, or that it gave the wrong output filename to Ghostscript. Changed all of the PSDelegate to gswin Any help faioed be greatly appreciated.

PostScript Delegate failed ASP. FYI – ImageMagick

Keep in mind we are not Windows developers so use small words. Sign up using Email and Password. Unfortunately, I keep getting this error. What do we need to do to fix this exception and permit your script to run to completion?