Meg Cabot climbs aboard the vampire love train with her “Insatiable Series” starring cute pixie-ish Meena Harper (irresistible to both vampires. Insatiable [Meg Cabot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Insatiable by Meg Cabot Dear Ms. Cabot,. I’m not sure why I got a copy of your new book, “Insatiable” since I’m not the first DA reviewer who.

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I devoured all pages in twenty-four hours and was still not satisfied. You know, at first I thought that I was in on the joke.

Insatiable Series by Meg Cabot

Anyway, none of that really upset me. Kinda like how she wanted Lucien then didnt want him – but wants the guard guy instead once she has the prince not a theme here? The other complication in Meena’s life? The soap opera spin on insaitable was fresh and funny.

To borrow a very popular phrase and in the words of Stupid of Today. When Meena gives Lucien the heave-ho and tells him that they can never be together, she also gives him and us some valid reasons why not.

I liked that even as she struggled with her own attraction to Lucien, she still didn’t want to be indoctrinated into their world. Then I convinced myself otherwise and thought it was a mockery of Twilight and Bram Strokers Dracula. Simply put, this book is offensive.

Is that really the right term for someone who cries this much works for. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This site uses cookies. At the beginning of the story he even teaches history! I don’t have motivation to read the whole series but I am probably gonna add some of Meg Cabot ‘s books into my tbr list.

It’s catchy, it definitely sucked me in. The night she meets Lucien Antonescu everything changes when she sees nothing at all, which only makes her want to see him more and more. It takes three bites to become a vampire; people have a choice if they want to keep going back for more. Work friend – Melanie H. LoveVampires – the website dedicated to vampire fiction. Of course, she promises Lucien that she will do everything she can to protect him. Alright, her one friend is sweet, but she has a husband and a new baby.


I could go on to list enough cheesyness to fill a large silver platter but I’ll stop now, because I don’t really want to put myself through it again. I put down the book with less than pages to go, feeling no need to know how the story ends. Meg Cabot is such a wonderful author, and I always look forward to another book.

And did I mention that Lucien is The prince of the darkness? So caring and kind and apparently eco-friendly is this guy, that in the midst of a fight with said evil brother he must then pick up some piece of trash that had fallen on the ground to properly dispose of it.

The best thing about him was the way my perception of him changed so dramatically throughout the book. This, after only mwg met the man 10 hours before.

caot The second half, I was able to connect with Meena, who ended up being funny and charming. The clunky cardboard characters clunk through the book, at which point I skipped ahead just so I could say I had read it. The story finally decided to go somewhere, and that somewhere was pretty great! It felt like some vital part insatlable the cabpt just got lost in translation. Except for the whole being unwilling vampires bit. And, as the novel opens, she meets a young immigrant that’s going to die within a week.

Why do more jnsatiable have to continue jumping on the vampire love train? Cheese variety number one: She manages to do so pretty successfully, offering a book that has enough action and romance to hook the usual vampire fan, and also enough humor and parody to get a few good chuckles out of people sick to death of Twilight and its like.


The entire story is littered with things that will date this book. I only need a strong main character, a decent plot and an ending that doesnt make me puke or scream. I have the next in the series waiting for me right now at the library.

And yet, I still picked the other team this time. That’s the true horror. The Review Insatiable seemed to be a perfect beach book. Cabot stocks her story full of meta references like this, including hat-tips to Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer.

Insatiable Series

In the beginning I felt like Meg Cabot writing a vampire novel was just wrong and I thought it was going to be one of those ridiculously silly vampire novels cabott I despise. Meg brings us laughter. P Yes, his name is Alaric, like the vampire hunter in The Vampire Diarieswhich I dont think is ironic, but a bit annoying and caobt too obvious.

Meena falls for the perfect guy, finds out he’s a vamp, and then there is much fighting and confusion. The pacing of the second half of the book was very good. And anyone who thinks Mina is in love with Dracula, find me a quote to prove it. Excuse me, but how is knowing a guy wants to kill you hot? Cabot i Leave it to Meg Cabot to take something as dark, brooding and oh-so-serious as vampires and turn it into something fun, funny and frivolous!

As always, for my note on the cover I love this one; mystery and all. He’s very commanding, strong but also gentle, very sexy in a Vamp.