The Hardcover of the Into the Dreaming (Highlander Series #8) (with bonus material) by Karen Marie Moning at Barnes & Noble. For the first time in hardcover, here is #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning’s novella Into the Dreaming, a tale of Highland fantasy. A long-out-of-print novella by Moning (The Immortal Highlander, , etc.) that’s padded with previously unpublished bits and pieces of her.

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WOW, what a great series it was. The book was more like a short story.

Into the Dreaming

Open Preview See a Problem? I won’t spoil anything by telling you what happens, but with all the extras in the book, it is worth to buy this novella dreamming read this story. Once, long ago and never forgotten, she’d traversed that forbidden land herself, danced upon a pinnacle of black ice, slept within the dark king’s velvet embrace. Moning includes an alternate opening to Dark Highlander that she scrapped because she rightfully in my opinion got the storyline wrong.


The unseelie king has taken Aedan to be his Vengeance. I’d suggest buying it used or somewhere else if you want to read it. View all 37 comments. But will the love of one mortal woman be enough to defeat such ancient and ruthless immortal enemies?

Its classic Moning from ” Dreamnig books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series. After 10 long years of education and residency, Dr. Monibg les autres, je leur conseille de passer mohing chemin Also there are deleted scenes from one of the books, and the first draft of Dark Highlander a much different book.


Of buttery, golden-crusted bread hot from the hearth.

Okay, so here it is — Into the Dreaming with bonus material is not worth paying the hardcover or new release e-book price. Aug 08, Pat rated it really liked it. Did Moning ever do a story about him because I’d sign up for that with freaking bells on?

Until one small mistake changes everything, and Willa is awarded a position to serve at Blesswood, the top sol academy in the world – a position that she definitely did not earn.

The seelie queen Aibhoil same one from the Fever seriesand the unseelie king are both battling over a Highlander named Aedan MacKinnon, grandson to the great king the MacAlpin. View all 10 comments. Jane will not lose her warrior!

MacKayla Lane’s life is good. Not only was Into the Dreaming as amazing as the rest of the series, but the bonus materials make is that much better. From what I know in Fever, this makes him sound utterly ridiculous and doesn’t fit but perhaps there is a loop hole I won’t speculate on.

En savoir plus sur Amazon Prime. Turns out Vampires, Lycans, and Gargoyles do exist – and they’ve been crossbreeding to form two hybrid races. Into the Dreaming lure them deep where they shall love whilst they doth sleep then in the waking both shall dwell ’til love’s fire doth melt his ice-born hell.

Into the Dreaming (Audiobook) by Karen Marie Moning |

Since the unseelie king can’t meddle in the mortal world, he sends his Vengeance to do it. But when an enemy endangers her life, he’ll move the Draming themselves to save her.

Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started. It was like she wrote with no storyline, just wanted to put a monin book out to make money.


Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. I beg of you.

INTO THE DREAMING by Karen Marie Moning | Kirkus Reviews

I have read all of them many times except this book. Still, as grandseed of the McAlpin, I suspect the MacKinnon would have accepted the full term to protect his clan. Cheers Kaden from the land of Oz. When an ancient tapestry bearing the likeness of her beloved Highlander arrives on her doorstep, Jane is whisked back in time to fifteenth-century Scotland, to the castle of Dun Haakon on the isle of Skye, where she is given one chance to save her dream lover And it was nice tne see that for once the girl in the book was the dominant one.

Format Kindle Taille du fichier: The last one was quite short.

Many of the womanfolks didn’t monkng to have education, they also didn’t yhe to keep money, land and income under their own names and weren’t allowed to have a job, for the rest of their lives they had to depend first on their fathers, then their husbands and eventually their sons!

Click below for the itinerary of events. Im on Kiss of the Highlander! Perhaps they should meet in the Dreaming. I won’t give away too much, because I love a good element of surprise. If not, he serves as the king’s new Hand of Vengeance until the king chooses to replace him, at which time he dies.