Introduction to E-Stim: Electrosex! Adult | Episode aired 2 July · Previous · All Episodes () · Next · Add a Plot». Stars: Fivestar, Ingrid Mouth · Edit. Cast. Learn the shocking and empowering secrets behind Electrostimulation (E-Stim) play, including electrified skin pads and insertable toys like. An introduction to how to present estim to your female partner. Personally, I think it is even easier for women to try electro sex than it is for men. The problem .

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It can lead to great enjoyment but if she hasn’t ever used a sex toy before, it isn’t necessarily the place to start. Don’t worry, all your introductoon are completely confidential. Jones only ships within Australia. We never permanently store complete Credit Card details. E-mail Please inform a valid email Email addresses don’t match Email address in use.

Introducing Women to Electro Sex

Watch this informative video from Mystim. Do you have an addictive personality? We honour the terms of all warranties with proof of purchase. Password Please inform valid password. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. You know the sensitive areas like the genitals, breasts, and everything else in the erogenous zones. After you submit your order, you will receive an email to confirm receipt of your order. It creates a push-pull kind of sensation that not only simulates the in-and-out sensation of these methods, but there is stimulation to the clitoral nerve bundle from the inside as well as through the perineum and anus.


Most people can go weeks and months without getting wired up.

We will replace any faulty item within 14 days of the receipt date. E-mail Please inform a valid email. All of our products are delivered with in approximately days business days. There are things you need to know about your partner before springing something like The Samurai on them as gift. Jones to be mailed to the address below. TENS is the abbreviation for Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation, meaning stimulating the nerves by means of electrical impulse through the skin.

All personal information held by us will be governed by the most recently updated policy. For help with choosing the best fit, please refer to introductino Size Guide which you can find on our apparel product pages. Anything less than about 1mA is imperceptible.

Introduction to Electro-Sex | Me & Mrs Jones

A lot of times if someone has suffered any sort of severe shock, they may not be able to wrap their minds around the concept of electrical impulses being used for sexual pleasure. Since then, a few refinements have been made to these early battery belts, which were nothing more than a direct current source a battery connected to several electrodes contact points with the body allowing current to flow.

If your order is rejected for any reason you will be given a full refund for any amount paid for the order. If you have received a faulty upon arrival item from Our Essentials lubes, massage products, body paints, cleaning and grooming products, condoms, sex toy cleaners or sexual aides please email us at info meandmrsjones. Please inform valid password.

You may opt to shop as a guest and none of your information will be saved. We are bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act Cth subject to exemptions that apply to us under that Act. Confirm Password Please inform valid password Passwords don’t match.


Box Algester, QL For support please contact info meandmrsjones. If we cancel your order for any reason you will be given a full refund for any amount paid for the order.

And when you’re just starting out, there is no need to put a lot of pressure on yourself or your partner to try and force something to happen that can take some practice and mental conditioning. I was hooked at that point. Communications We use personally identifiable information for billing purposes and to fill your orders.

Your parcels will not include any references to adult products and will be discreetly packaged to ensure your privacy. I know a lot of people are concerned about internal stimulation vs clitoral stimulation.

Notify me of new posts by email. That will lead to a punch in the jaw. And you can add clitoral t to the mix for those who want it! Even your transactions will appear on your bank statement discreetly as “MMJ”. Shipment and Delivery Products are delivered within approximately business days of order. The Relax-a-cisor produced a pleasurable electronic vibration through the application of several conductive rubber pads placed on various parts of the body.

Buy one of the DVD’s showcasing P.