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He could have arranged creation in such a way that man would not have believed in any god but Allah, who could have thus saved a lot of nagging chagrin to himself and also spared the most horrendous torture that anwae forces have caused to human-kind by way of religious hatred, leading to mutual destruction and carnage.

So, there were really only three survivors-Lot and his two daughters. This is the notion which appeals more to the emotions and less to reason. His greatness, however, lies in masterfully exploiting the concept of Prophethood, which, being an integral tradition of the Middle Eastern culture, is less spiritual and more political.

Fancy the craze for salvation, by killing one’s own son! Abraham, the founder of the major Semitic religions i. Members of the gubernatorial class have realised the value of fear, and used it masterfully. When he reached the age of 25, he began doubting Islam and its teachings, and later became an ardent critic. This is what gives it the mystique of heavenly success, splendour and superiority.

Is it really an act of high morality or selfishness? The annotator further adds: He was as much afraid of death as anyone else. Invitation to seduce is certainly the most submissive behaviour which the dominant relishes. If it was an act of trial, God surely did not know how Abraham would react to such a test.


Full text of “ISLAM THE ARAB IMPERIALISM Anwar Shaikh”

Since it is the Jews who popularised these concepts, which had contributed to their national unity and uniqueness, adopting their doctrines to create a similar Arab nationhood, would be a great model to follow. This is why the Western scholars have remarked that the Koran has been written “back to 59 front.

The concept of guidance Prophethood shows that it is Allah’s attempt to rectify His weakness as the Creator! Chapter 14 of Genesis, contains a narrative about the local kings. To be able to marry his widow, David the prophet of God, not only caused Uriah’s death through this stratagem but many other Israelite soldiers lost their lives in its execution.

They hypocrites are the enemy; so beware of them. Again, as the present race of man comes from the loins of his three sons, namely Shem, Ham and Japheth, all of us happen to be Jews!

How a ninety-nine year old woman gave birth to her first child and yet survived, is certainly against the law of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that, whereas other dominant nations require guns, tanks and atom bombs to subdue foreign countries, the Arabs need nothing of the sort. Of course, they were haughty and powerful but they caught the disease of divinity in Egypt where every Pharaoh was believed to be the incarnation of God. It was, in fact, a conspiracy to murder him.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

However, when we assess the greatness of Muhammad in national terms, he tops the list of national heroes. But in the Semitic tradition, a Prophet is the servant of God, who mediates between God and man, and because God reveals Himself through the agency of the Prophet only, he becomes more important than God. To make the Arabs a pure nation, he even successfully carried out ethnic cleansing by massacring and banishing the Jews from Arabia.

It means that, as physical being of the universe depends upon the balance of negative and positive charges, so does the social fabric, which is composed of contradictory forces.


Therefore, they are quick to charge their critics with blasphemy, and are reluctant to accept that Islam is Muhammadanism, and not a monotheistic religion. Why does he adopt this attitude towards humanity?

The recent Osostlander Report on fundamentalism by the European Parliament, has recognised this peril. Is it not amazing that a modern super power like the United States of America, despite showering billions of dollars on the world’s depressed, deprived and derided people, cannot win their gratitude, but one thousand million Muslims of this planet, who mostly suffer from pangs of poverty, will save every penny to perform the annual Hajj ceremony, which has been the mainstay of the Saudi Arabian economy for centuries.

Such a male is the symbol of brute force, and thus carries an air of superiority. Whereas worshipping the pharaoh formed part of the reverential fear that his divine power generated, the delight of the fair, counted as the favour for fearing the pharaoh. How could there be a conference of the Prophets before creation?

Again, these verses declare that the righteous are those who believe in the Koran and its mythology such as believing in the Unseen and the Day of Judgement, and also offer prayers etc. As a warrior, he was the Jewish hero who humbled Goliath, a soldier of gigantic proportions, when he was only a stripling. This is the most dreadful sin because: If you love Allah, and follow me MuhammadGod will love you, and forgive you your sins. If God believes in morality.

According to Hadith no. Holding Zainab’s hand at the same time is a violation of her rights.