getAllChildren().get(0).getAllChildren(); StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer(); for (PdfOutline bookmark: bookmarks) { showTitle(bookmark, stringBuffer); }. Tags: iText 7building blocksChapter 6tutorialactionsdestinationsBookmarks drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations on top of the existing content. Interactivity within PDF documents is enabled though Anchors (links) and Bookmarks. Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this.

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We initialize a PdfOutline object in line 6.

Chapter 6: Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks

While we were irextsharp about actions, we mentioned the concept of destinations a couple of times. We use a DottedLine as the tab leader. In line 5 and 6, we use another createGoToR method to create a link to a named destination in another document. In the examples that follow, we’ll discover some more types, and we’ll also learn about different types of destinations that can be used in a link.

We mention it here because of a common use case for the itextshap method. If you click one of these dates, the corresponding page is opened.

How to import bookmark from XML to existing pdf?

We chain a remote GoTo action to this JavaScript action using the next method ktextsharp line 2. Jumps to a named destination with name name in the PDF. It only annoys people, especially since you can find all the C examples at the bottom of this page.


AddSection 20f, “Subsection 1. I guess, you have not added the pages in your pdf because of which bookmark was not working.

Insults are not welcome. Just like in the PdfStamper example, you create an ArrayList for the bookmarks.

You first obtain a List of HashMap objects. Understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar.

All other key-value pairs are attributes of the Title tag. One of the parameters in O was null.

There are many other variations of the createGoToR method, but they are all similar to one of the two methods that were just explained. The page is displayed with its contents magnified just enough to fit the document window, both horizontally and vertically.

You can export the bookmarks list to an XML file O ezisting listing 7. We use the makeDestination method using a PdfString object. This isn’t necessarily the entire height of the page.

When clicking the second link, you’d have a push-down effect. When rendered to the PDF, the word “here” is underlined and in blue, and clicking on it brings “Local Goto Destination” to the top of the screen.


iTextSharp – Links and Bookmarks

We’ll discover another way to create named destinations once we discuss bookmarks, but first, we’ll create a couple of explicit destinations in the ExplicitDestinations example. We change the style to italic line Note that we define a destination named “toc” for that paragraph line existinv You can retrieve this coordinate with the getVerticalPosition method.

If you itextsgarp to create a document such as a manual on a regular basis, this might be a task best scheduled for quieter times on your web server. We create a Link with this PdfLinkAnnotation in line This line and rectangle shown in bkokmark screen shot are not part of the actual content of the PDF document. NachiappanR You are hijacking a question dating from We used named actions to achieve this; see the NamedAction example.

You may want to review earlier articles in this series, if you haven’t already done so.