All the content from the JACT Reading Greek Grammar and Vocabulary books in the order it is introduced. Why ‘hardcore’? Well There is strict typing requiring. Vocabulary from the Reading Greek Text and the follow-up JACT volumes, “A World of Heroes” and “The Intellectual Revolution.” Verbs are listed with principal . The JACT Reading Greek Course has just released its second edition, and, if you are going to be doing a self-study program, and do not mind.

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The Independent Study Guide is, for an autodidact, a valuable asset. However things weren’t helped by the pace at which our teacher raced through the chapters and the non-sensical difficulty curve of the book. Kudos to Matt Neuburg for a great app that eases learning a classical language, helping to bridge the ancient world with the modern.

An Intensive Course” on the side of “Reading Greek,” or is it fine by itself? And, while the JACT 1ed is cheaply available due to its supersession by the 2ed, I would strongly prefer the 2ed over the greem. I came into second year Attic with shaky Greek. Is it just me or has anyone else had trouble learning vocab through the gfeek in “Reading Greek”? Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

The flashcards are presented in the same order as the vocabulary in the textbook. Submit a new link.



Thanks for doing this! Even if you master the “core” vocabulary, you’re faced with still looking up entry after entry after entry to slog through the stories they give. The fact that it is keyed to the different sections and lessons is a bonus. Sometimes one might want to drill just on grewk. Since when do you alphabetise words starting with “the” together?

JACT Reading Greek Vocabulary – Memrise

I heard that one of the makers of the Cambridge Latin Course was involved in the making of “Reading Greek”. Developer Website App Support.

My prof recommended Mastronarde, in her words “the best second intro Greek book. It’s a set of nearly virtual flashcards, representing the reaeing vocabulary to be memorized as you go through the textbook.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Excellent way to learn and drill ancient Greek vocab. It’s poor for learning to produce exam responses and sadly that is what our educational system is set up to reward. The Athenaze Italian edition books sound like they would be useful to me for reading, as in any case I am getting my grammar from Mastronarde. They’re arranged in the order you meet them in the text, and all the other words are core vocabulary that you’re meant to be practicing.

You don’t have to buy the books to learn from this, but I do recommend the books also. Also, I have another question. This subreddit is dedicated to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature.

It seems to me from this thread that the second edition JACT Reading Greek might use the same approach, and at least it is in English, but as in the case of the Italian version of Athenaze, it is a costly proposition.


As I say, I haven’t worked hard enough this past year and duly paid the price. There is grammar and exercises at the end of each chapter in Italian, but they haven’t been anything special so far. This would help the student learn the class to which the noun belongs as well as its meaning.

Want to add to the discussion? It’s not identical, though, because there are jxct in Italian scattered at the bottom of each page.

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