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JIS G Piano wires (Foreign Standard). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese Standards Association, 01/01/ View all product. Find the most up-to-date version of JIS G at Engineering JIS G Piano wires (Foreign Standard). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards [JIS].

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Load spectrum includes only one share with L1, L2, and number of load cycles. And also for 2.

Piano wires JIS G 3522 SWPB

Period can now be entered in seconds as well as minutes, hours, days and years. In the JIS example, permissible shear stress 0. These thermal expansion coefficients are calculated, marked between the known temperatures i. Room licenses for education are no longer unlimited to any computer in one room, but limited to simultaneous access to maximal 20 workstations in a room. This simple construction does not completely match with a measured fatigue strength diagram, but approximation may be sufficient for a new material with unknown fatigue strength properties.

Then 4 seconds stop period. I found some mistakes corrected:. Japanese standard JIS B New Quick4 View includes material properties and diagrams in an ISO drawing frame on one screen. Calculated lifetime in hours is 6 times higher in load spectrum as in continuous jjis with 2 Hz.

jia Changes are not described. Shortcuts for Quick view were unified for all programs to show Quick View by means of jls combination Alt-V iew and then 1,2,3,4 for Jls View. New release of VDI was issued in November Tables can be displayed as help for input of friction coefficients. Therefore, load cycle frequency is no longer printed in the production drawing for this case. DBF from static shear strength and pulsating shear strength of compression springs. According to JIS, horizontal limit line depends on permissible setting of the spring and may be higher or lower as 0.


Same as previous example, but spring is not operated in continuous duty. Either this must be a very specific property of chrome nickel alloys, or the table A10 in VDI is incorrect for these materials.

Self-defined material data are saved together with the spring dimensions. Calculation with and without load spectrum must lead to equal results. Simply modify period from 1 sec into 5 sec. A new graphic was created to visualize alloying elements in a bar chart. If period 1 sec defined, input 2 load cycles for 2Hz.


JIS G – Piano wires (Foreign Standard)

Min and max values of the alloy components are drawn in a logarithmic scale so that even small shares are visible.

You can create 6 different Woehler curves in WST1: Load cycle frequency 2 Hz, makes load cycles in 4 minutes. And not even these corrections done consequently. Pulsating shear strength and static shear strength permissible shear stress together with tensile strength is sufficient to create a fatigue strength diagram. Calculated lifetime in hours is f times higher in load cycles 2.

Spring operates 1 second and makes 2 load cycles at 2 Hz. It is approximately identical with the release of December But in example B3, the old formula with 1. Nevertheless, better select material from database, else the software cannot calculate important spring properties:.


At “Animation” you can watch when the spring begins to buckle. Calculated lifetime in hours is now 5 times higher than in continuous duty. If ISO title block with 10 mm sheet border was configured, some tables in A4 production drawings are now compressed so that drawing content no longer interfere with 10 mm border.

Database with international material names was extended by material names according to Chinese and Indian Standard, and by ISO material names as well. Then 48 minutes stop period. This eases input for special bedding on 2, 3, 4 or 5 bearings. And database has been updated, so that alloy components of almost every steel material in the database are included now. Load cycle frequency is 2 Hz. In equationthe “mzu” for reduced thread length by chamfers was changed from 1.

Our compression spring software provide now five types of fatigue strength diagram: By this you can see if and how bedding of the spring can be modified to prevent buckling of the spring. Obviously, only the most conspicuous mistakes have been corrected.