The book also features an innovative analysis of Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism in the context and aftermath of the Reuchlin Affair. Johannes Reuchlin. REUCHLIN, JOHANNES° (Capnio, or Phorcensis; –), German and Hebraist; one of the architects of the Christian *Kabbalah and famous as the. A re-examination of the case of Johann Reuchlin, one of the best-known controversies of the 16th century.

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He argued that these writings contained important historical information for Christians as well as Jews, and also that they were useful for theology and science.

To carry out this work, he provided a series of aids for scholars. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Leo X hohann a temporary halt to reuvhlin conflict inbut the battle was resumed when Reuchlin’s publication of the Clarorum virorum Epistolae Latinae, Graecae, et Hebraicae … ad J. Pfefferkorn published in his “Handspiegel,” attacking Reuchlin, who answered it with his “Augenspiegel” Pforzheim, Ulrich von Hutten and Franz von Sickingen did all they could to force Reuchlin’s enemies to a restitution of his material damages; they even threatened a feud against the Dominicans of Cologne and Spires.

REUCHLIN, JOHANN VON (Grecized as Capnio):

His decision brought forth a storm of opposition from bigots and obscurantists, which Reuchlin met by his Augenspiegel [mirror of the eye] Armed with this mandate, he visited Stuttgart and asked Reuchlin’s help as a jurist and expert in putting it into execution.

He also learned that a change of government had opened the way for his return to Stuttgart, where his wife had remained all along. Despite his busy public career, Reuchlin was always the humanist. Reuchlin began his Latin studies in the monastery school where his father worked. With the monkshowever, he had never been liked, due to his appreciation of humanistic learning.


Particular aspects of Reuchlin’s work are discussed in S. After carefully studying these traditions himself, Reuchlin resolved to open them to others. Despite his friendship with his Jewish teachers and a few other Jews, rfuchlin initially shared the prejudices of his age and social class. His researches into the language of the Bible led Reuchlin to study the Talmud and the Cabala also.


Civil War American History: University Press Scholarship Online.

Johann Reuchlin – New World Encyclopedia

At Heidelberg he wrote two Latin comedies, Henno and Sergius. From November of this year to the spring ofReuchlin sought refuge in Ingolstadt and taught there for a year as professor of Greek and Hebrew. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. And now he felt that he must choose a profession. In reuchhlin, or perhaps inhe was given a very high judicial office in the Swabian Leaguewhich reuchli held tillwhen he retired to a small estate near Stuttgart.

Reuchlin first became embroiled with his famous dispute with Johannes Pfefferkorn in In Germany Johannes Reuchlin — studied Greek and Hebrew, the biblical languages, and was involved in an international controversy that pitted intellectual freedom against ecclesiastical authority. Important new Christian discourses on Judaism and anti-Semitism emerged from the clash of Renaissance humanism with this potent anti-Jewish campaign.

At Heidelberg, Reuchlin had many private pupils, among whom was the nobleman Franz von Sickingen, who later played an important role in the early Protestant Reformation. Rather than destroying the great works of Jewish learning, Reuchlin proposed that the emperor should create two Hebrew chairs at reuchin German university, for which the Jews should furnish books.

Reuchlin’s works on subjects of specifically Jewish interest are: Reufhlin inquisitor Jakob von Rfuchlin now took up the cry against Reuchlin, and inAugenspiegel was banned and confiscated.

Reuchlin, Johannes°

He admitted, however, that books which contained direct attacks on the character and person of Jesussuch as the Toledot Yeshu, ought to be burned.

The Dominicans appealed to Pope Leo X.

Johannes Reuchlinborn Feb. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. The humanists sided with Reuchlin, while the clerical scholars, especially at the universities of Louvain, CologneErfurt, Mayence, and Paristook the part of the Dominicans. After the Jews appealed the order, in Reuchlin was summoned in the name of the emperor to give his opinion on the issue of the suppression of the Jewish books.


Reuchlin’s attitude toward the Jews rruchlin, at first at least, far more ambiguous than it was toward Jewish scholarship. Reuchlin called the humanists to his support see humanism, christian.

In he made his third Italian trip. Modern Language Association http: He became the first man in the Western world of his era to teach both the original languages of the Bible, as well as immersing himself in both Greek and Hebrew literature. The reucglin lasted only a few months, but it brought Reuchlin into contact with several learned Italians, especially in Florence. When Johann Pfefferkorn, a Jew who had johanm to Christianity, advocated destruction of all Hebrew books, Emperor Maximilian requested Reuchlin’s opinion in the matter.

Here, too, printing was a crucial factor, for it made available a host of lexicographical and grammatical handbooks and allowed the establishment of normative biblical texts and the comparison of different versions of the Bible. In he published a Latin dictionary, and later he made translations from Greek.

Festgabe seiner Vaterstadt Pforzheim zur Pfefferkorn’s plans were backed by the influential Dominicans of Cologneand inhe obtained the emperor’s authority to confiscate all Jewish books supposedly directed against the Christian faith. InCount Eberhard died, and enemies of Reuchlin had the ear of his successor. Bad Liebenzell, Germany, June 30, Keep Exploring Britannica Karl Marx.

Pfefferkorn had urged the destruction of all Hebrew books.