Joseph Aspdin: building construction: Reintroduction of concrete: Joseph Aspdin patented the first true artificial cement, which he called Portland Cement. Portland Cement – Joseph Aspdin. While preparing to build the Eddystone Lighthouse in , engineer John Smeaton conducted a series of experiments. Joseph Aspdin was an English cement manufacturer who obtained the patent for Portland cement on 21 October Joseph Aspdin (or Aspden) was the.

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She is patient under abuse.

But it happens every day. Among all the famous sons of Leeds, none more thoroughly deserve sic some form of plastic or memorial recognition, and in honouring Joseph Aspdin’s name, Leeds men will honour their city, and doing so will honour themselves. It was then cooled and reduced to a powder which had the power of setting when mixed with water. This actual patent document, I am given to understand, is in the possession of Aspdin’s grandson, now living near Leeds Note The hardened mixture reminded Aspdin of the prized building rock quarried on the Isle of Portland, thus the term “Portland Cement.

This appears to have been first adopted by a son of Joseph Aspdin Note 30who about Note 31 was engaged at the works known as Robins’sat Northfleet, in Kent, now the property of the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Limited ; at these works the kilns erected by the younger Aspdin are still in existence Note It was made at the small works at Wakefield Note 14the first in history, which are still, I believe, in operation, and Mr Hauptmann must prove that any radical change has been made in the process of manufacture since the date the works were established before he depreciates with what object I cannot conceive the pioneer work this son of Leeds, who was not only the inventor of Portland cement, but developed the manufacture up to the level of a successful commercial operation of untold importance.

  ASTM F1717 PDF

Joseph Aspdin Memorial

Aspdn Learn how and when to remove this template message. Illingworth was, but it’s a fair bet that he had shares in APCM. After some years of unsatisfactory results, Sir C. The calcined material was then combined with a specific quantity of argillaceous earth or clay, mixed with water, and the mixture placed in a pan and heated until all the water was evaporated. They really do it.

Joseph Aspdin – Portland Cement

His history of “financial missteps” and questionable business arrangements suggests that William may have been both inept and dishonest. A second correspondent was obviously aroused by the somewhat ludicrous comparison with Joseph Priestley, but might have done well to sleep on it before dashing off this rather intemperate response.

William Aspdin became involved with the civil engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, at a time when Brunel and his father were building the Thames Tunnel in the mids. It is believed to be out of copyright. In a sense, the lack of details is the most persuasive evidence.

Needless to say, Roman cement was in no way related to Portland cement. I shall be glad to receive correspondence on this subject from any of your interested readers. In all these patents the claim relates to the manufacture of cement by a suitable mixture of lime or carbonate of lime with clay or other substances containing alumina and silica; the mixture being afterwards burnt in kilns and ground to powder.

Other claims are no more likely to be true. However, inJoseph went into partnership with James, and posted a notice that William had left, and that the company would not be responsible for his debts.

Joseph Aspdin – Wikipedia

Joseph then went into partnership with his elder son, James, posting a notice that Aspdin had left, and that the company would not be responsible for his debts, stating “I think it right to give notice that my late agent, William Aspdin, is not now in my employment, and that he is not authorised to receive any money, nor contract any debts on my behalf or on behalf of the new firm. He moved his equipment to a second site nearby in Kirkgate.


The materials used were the local chalk and alluvial clay still employed in the neighbourhood by the largest makers Portland cement.

Pullon, in his letter of the 8th instant, that some fitting memorial should be erected to the memory of Joseph Aspdin, the inventor of the world-famed Portland cement. Physics can progress without the proofs, but we can’t go on without the facts Views Read Edit View history.

Social Discuss Sign Up Login. Note 27 The justice of Aspdin’s right to the credit of the invention and the commercial perfection its manufacture can be found in most of the great engineering constructional works produced in the Victorian Era. Azpdin more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

In fact there were many others.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. John Aspdin was not the adpdin of the material which is known today as Portland cement.

Obviously, all cements improved in quality over subsequent years.

Originating in Leeds

In the absence of machinery for grinding the hard limestone, he was forced to calcine it before it was mixed with the clay. Retrieved from ” https: You can link back to this page if you would like to credit Ben for taking the photo, but you don’t jozeph to. Nature bears long with those who wrong her.

Pullon certainly doesn’t know!