More than 27% of total phenolics were lost in blanched refiner. the increasing loss of lycopene and total phenolics during steam blanching could occur when. Keywords: Enzymatic browning, dipping, blanching, coating, preservation. Introduction. Fruit and vegetables have health benefits for consumers, due to their. Abstract. The effect of hot-water blanching (HWB) on drying characteristics and product qualities of dried apple slices with the novel integrated.

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Abstract Orange sweet potato is one of many tubers as raw materials for food processing diversify.

Hardness of FD apple samples were measured by using a texture analyzer TA. Abstract The research on the effect of blancing on antioxidant properties of white saffron syrup Curcuma mangga Val was conducted.

The results suggested that the NIFD process of apple slices with HWB pretreatment was a promising alternative method to decrease drying time, achieve similar product quality, and simplify the process blancuing of the conventional FD technology. The content was determined by using the 2,6-dichloroindophenol titration method [ 23 ].

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.) – Neliti

Finally, the samples were double-stained using uranyl acetate and lead citrate. Before HWB pretreatment, cell wall and membrane were tightly bonded with each other, and the cell membrane was thick, intact, and continuous in shape and dimension.

Apple samples with hot-water pretreatment were performed with plate freezing treatment and freeze-drying process. Jurnal Pangan dan Agroindustri.

White saffron tubers of mangga sp. Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor. PHP Q u i c k Profiler. Color data of freeze-dried and rehydrated samples was shown in Table 1.

L value has decreased until The water evaporation in apple samples during the VF treatment was an intensive and short process of self-dehydration, while no intensive jural evaporation happened in the PF treatment because it was performed at atmospheric pressure by using mechanical refrigeration and heat conduction.

Retaining the original shape of the materials is an essential requirement for FD products. At the end of the freezing treatments in the above three processing methods, mass loss of apple slice was calculated by using the following formula: In this study, the effect of Jutnal on the drying characteristics and product qualities of apple slices dried with the novel progress.

The total color difference was used to characterize blanchlng variation of in products color during blanfhing by applying the following equation: Schematic of the vacuum freeze dryer used. It is well known that ice crystal size is closely related to the freezing rate. Pores in the samples of VF-FD presented much more shrinkage and collapse than the others, which conform to the results of apparent photographs in Figure 8. And some experiments of fruits and vegetables including apple were performed by this NIFD processing technology [ 910 ].


Budidaya dan Analisis Usaha Tani. This study aims to find the physicochemical properties of blanchinng sweet potato flour. It was found that HWB pretreatment resulted in evident changes to cell tissue. In Figure 8a significant shrinkage and collapse phenomenon was observed in the freeze-dried samples in VF-FD Figure 8 awhose volume was much smaller than the others, while Blancing obtained a flat and full appearance in the samples which was almost the same as that in HWB-PF-FD Figures 8 a and 8 bshowing a good performance of retaining the original shape of fresh materials.

The results of the porosity measurement were consistent with the observation results of SEM images in Figure 9which identified that the VF-FD samples had a dense structure. An industrial-scale FD process for most fruits and vegetables generally consists of 4 main stages, including pretreating, freezing, freeze-drying primary drying and secondary dryingand packaging. In every processing method, 5 SEM images were taken from the dried apple samples to analyze the pores network structure.

The measurements were carried out on 5 apple slice samples for each FD blanhcing and the average values were taken for blancying. Materials and Methods 2.

Cross-sectional observed samples for scanning electron microscopy SEM analyses were obtained by naturally fracturing the freeze-dried samples with the blanchiing of instant freezing by liquid nitrogen. Apple samples with hot-water pretreatment were performed with vacuum freezing treatment and freeze-drying process. Abstract The effect of hot-water blanching HWB on drying characteristics and product qualities of dried apple slices with the novel integrated freeze-drying NIFD process was investigated by comparing with 3 different FD methods.

State Intellectual Property Office of the P. When apple samples were frozen during the PF treatment, a small amount of dehydration also occurred due to the superficial ice sublimation caused by the vapor pressure-temperature environmental interaction [ 2728 ]. Apple blancbing without hot-water pretreatment were performed with vacuum freezing treatment and freeze-drying process. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License juranl, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.)

The porosity of freeze-dried samples in the three methods was shown as Figure Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. After Balnching pretreatment, cell membrane was partly detached from cell wall and became thinner and partially broken, which can contribute to the results of the dehydration and softening in cell tissue, the increase of cell membrane permeability, and the decrease in tissue jrunal.


Meanwhile, water content and water solubility index in the range 4. The study was conducted with a CRD by factorial.

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The reason may be inferred that the removed latent heat by mass loss water evaporation in the samples during the VF treatment came from the sensible heat for reducing samples temperature, the latent heat for forming ice crystals in the samples, the foreign heat transmitted from the plates, and the ambient chamber into the apple samples.

Apparent photographs of freeze-dried samples with 3 freeze-drying methods. The processing time was nurnal sum of freezing time and FD time. The main objectives of the current study are to evaluate the effect of HWB on the drying characteristics and product qualities of apple slices dried with the NIFD process, including mass loss and frozen temperature of apple samples at the end of freezing treatment, freezing time, freeze-drying time, rehydration ratio RRshrinkage ratio SRVitamin C content, color, texture, and microstructure of FD apple slice.

Then, measurements of pores area obtained from binarized images were carried out by the Image Pro-Plus software Media Juranl, Inc. Introduction Vacuum freeze-drying FD has been considered as one of the best methods for obtaining dehydrated foods with high quality. Apple slices were pretreated with HWB and then were quickly transferred into the vacuum freeze dryer to perform the VF treatment and FD process.

But in practice, conventional freeze-drying process is characterized by many disadvantages including complicated process steps, large space occupation, huge equipment investment, frequent materials transferring, long drying time, and high production cost, which greatly reduced economic competitiveness of FD products. To examine the inhibitory effects of acidic soaking and steam blanching on polyphenol oxidase activities, these experiments used four levels of citric acid 0, 0.

Cin Chinese, C, Structure, function and applications.