The composition structure of ISIC, was little changed compared KBLI , on the composition of the category structure, from ISIC, Rev Terms; Versions. Find. 1 to 9 of 9 Files. KBLI , KBJI , Kode Pendidikan menurut Bidang Studi MS Word – MB – Mar 16, – 0 Downloads. Tabel Kesesuaian Lapangan Usaha KBLI KBLI Cetakan II (Indonesia) Indonesia standard industrial classiication is an revision.

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Author Badan Pusat Statistik. Previous 1 … … Next 10 10 20 50 Restricted Files There are 9 restricted files in this dataset. You can not upload additional files to this dataset. Type Reports, policy papers and more Datasets Conference papers 3.

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Indonesia – National Labor Force Survey , February – variable – V

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Indonesia – National Labor Force Survey , August – variable – V

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Statistics Indonesia (BPS)

Files Metadata Terms Versions Find. Layout Sakernas Agustus.

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Contribution Published Funded Authored 3. The data within this edition includes geographical situation, population and labor, social affairs, consumption expenditures, agriculture, manufacturing and construction, foreign trade, tourism and tr If applicable, please leave a URL where this dataset can be accessed after deaccessioning. The National Labor Force: Laborer Situation in Indonesia August Download.

Data of labour mobility in this publication is a result of NSLF.

KBLI 2005 – Sistem Rujukan Statistik – Badan Pusat Statistik

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