Now, following in the footsteps of Keydom, Keythedral has appeared in a new Law cards are usually very good things to have as they can bend rules to your. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of keydom. Another board is placed on the table, which explains some of the rules, and has cubes (yellow, purple, and. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of Keydom. markers; 5 work order markers; 5 turn order cards; 5 player screens; 1 start player marker; 1 rules booklet.

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Place the resource and craft cubes that are shown on the building tile you are acquiring into the store.

The following modifications to the rules are required: At the same time that the workers are providing the building materials for the Keythedral, they will also want to improve their own little cottages so that their family and friends can come to join them and help with the resource gathering. Resource cubes in the following colours: The process continues until all of the cottage numbers one to five have been chosen.

This review was enough for ksythedral to think keytuedral this is the game to replace Catan for me. Once the number three tiles have all been acquired then turn over the three number four tiles.

The number of rounds will vary from game to game. They will get stone from the quarries, timber from the woods, water from the lakes, food from the farms and wine from the vineyards. This form will move this price for this item to a new item. A player may continue to perform keytnedral of the above actions until either: The workers will leave the cottages and the houses to work in the adjacent fields in a particular numerical order determined by the players.

The new law will come into operation in accordance with the instructions on the law card. Take a resource cube of your choice from the store.


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My opinion is staying the same. All of one player’s workers may climb over fences in phase one for one round.

Phase three, action one – acquire a seat in the Keythedral You may acquire a seat in the Keythedral by purchasing one of the face up building tiles. It cannot be withdrawn for use later in the game. I think I was wrong. This denotes that the conversion has taken place. Phase five – rupes start player The start player player A passes the start player marker to the person on their left player B.

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For one round only you choose the order in which all of the work order markers are placed keyhhedral the Keythedral mat and therefore the order in which all of the workers will leave the cottages and houses.

Keythedral has been added to your Comparison Cart. Build or remove a fence. Other players may build no houses in this round. The blacksmith will supply ironwork from the forge, the glassmaker will supply stained glass for the Keythedral windows from the glassworks and the goldsmith will supply gold from the workshop for the decorations and the ornaments.

Place the four number one field tiles so they are each connected to one side of the Keythedral tile. Once the two number five tiles have been acquired the game is finished. House tiles remain as houses when they are replaced.

Trade with the trader.

Acknowledgements Game design by Richard Breese. I supported becauseā€¦ “So I can hide behind a cartoon character online. From beginning to end, the game is one long exercise in churning out more VPs by churning out cubes.

Search for the item you want to move to below, then submit. Firstly, a player plays a field tile. A fence is declared unsafe and must be dismantled. The player who possesses the seats with the highest combined value at the end of the game is the whiner.

Where player B sits to the left kethedral player A, this law card rrules be played before player B starts their turn. The same numbers appear in the circular spaces at the base of the Keythedral mat.


This variation removes some of the uncertainty from the game and allows players more opportunities to plan their. The work order marker now indicates which cottage and house number has been chosen to be first.


Remove the work order markers from the Keythedral mat and place them by the side of the mat in easy reach of all of the players. Play this card before or during phase one. Phase three, action four – make a purchase from the blacksmith, glassmaker or goldsmith If the blacksmith has any white cubes ironwork available at the forge, ketthedral blacksmith will exchange one white cube for any two resource or craft cubes.

You may wish to do this in order to reposition the cottage or house elsewhere. As a result, rhles resources that are now required from the workers have changed!

The 8 new tiles are: What item do you want to move to? If there are no white cubes left at the forge and there are some ‘used’ white cubes in the store, the required number of white cubes in the store may be replaced into the forge.

A player may remove any colour of fence. Variation one Keythedral can rulez played by two players only. All the other players, in clockwise order, then do the same. In the existing player order, players play their worker counters from the cottages and houses bearing the numbers in the order that rupes have chosen.

The reverse of the tile depicts a seat and its value. Keythedrao – distribute the playing pieces Each player receives a set of five cottage tiles, ten worker counters, three fences, a screen and a turn order card in their chosen colour.