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The main principle ofKSD series thermostat is that one function of bimetal discs is snap action under the change of sensing temperature. The snap action of disc can push the action of the contacts through the inside structure, and then caused on of off the circuit finally. The main characteristic are tgermostat fixation of working temperature, the reliable snap action, less flashover longer working life and less radio interference.


Recovery and action temperature difference: Temperature sensing components consist of bimetallic strip. When the temperature reached the action temperature range, it will jump quickly and the movable disc disconnects. When the temperature declines to a fixed temperature thermosttat, the contact point cannot reset until reconnecting the circuit by pushing the reset button.

And then the contact points recover, reaching a purpose of connecting or disconnecting the circuit and restarting the circuit by manual reset. To ensure the normal function, the distance between the reset button and the close cover should not be less than When the temperature declines to a fixed temperature point, the contact point can auto thrmostat and start working.

It is used as temperature control for household electric appliances and thermostaf applied in coffee pots, automatic toasters, laminators, electric water pots, steam guns, steam irons, wind warmers, microwave ovens, water dispensers, etc. Site Member 6 Years. Cixi Chenlu Plumbing Pipe Factory.


Normally closed or thernostat 2. Two kinds of mounting bracket: Two kinds of body: Two kinds of temperature sensor face: Difference of auto reset type and Manual reset type 3. Send your message to this supplier.

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KSD302 snap-action thermostat, KSD302 thermal switch

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