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Well worth reading if you’re interested in pre-Lord of the Rings fantasy. Evil warlock Gaznok is building a tower of fancy and delusion in the world after many centuries of absence on a comet, and budding hero Leothric is hoping to stop him. Welleean remainder weleran to be shorter pieces that consisted of philosophical and mythological discourses in the guise wellleran dialogue or monologue. May 19, Tonari rated it it was amazing.

Dunsany is verbose, comically poetic, confusingly ironic, naive and jaded all at once. Now it had been the wont of each of these six warriors of old, when they had received a wound that they had known to be mortal, to ride off to a great ravine and cast his body in, as somewhere I have read great elephants do ” It’s an interesting premise.

lecturas errantes: The Sword of Welleran, de Lord Dunsany

In this story we see an example of Dunsany’s reverence of nature and weariness of industrial society that forms the base of many of his tales, and perhaps his purpose for writing his flights of fancy. And beside Rollory, like an old nurse, the figure of Victory sat, hammering into a golden wreath of laurels for his head the crowns of fallen kings.

It is pure fantasy with a dream quality that makes the reader suspect that it comes sepada from lucid dreaming than the normal daydreaming of most fiction. Of course, some novels in the collection are more exciting than others: I’m imagining something like the clicking crocodile in Peter Weelleranbut entirely bronze and much longer.

The wizard Gaznak and his Fortress Unvanquishable would fit snugly in any Conan yarn. But in their quiet and contemplative moments they recount and reflect upon tales from earlier times, involving the ancient nobility of legendary heroes from barely remembered lands. A collection of really excellent fantasy stories from Lord Dunsany This collection contains some really excellent short fantasy stories from the Appendix N author, Re Dunsany. They are about mighty whirlpools, mechanical dragons, soulless Wild Things, and sins that take the form of dogs.


Thus, the Wild Thing wishes to be human and to “have a soul to worship God, and to know the meaning of music, and to see the inner beauty of the marshlands and to imagine Paradise”. Still, the “The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth” sparked images in my mind which made me want to illustrate the story.

Este compendio de cuentos y relatos lo deja muy claro: Jan 28, Timothy Ferguson rated it liked it Shelves: The spirits of these dead heroes continue to goad and interfere with the people of Merinma, who have become pacifistic in philosophy rather than lazy as it is first presented to the reader. They will take you on a remarkable journey to places that sometimes seem soft and pleasant, sometimes bleak and ominous — but always surpri An influential fantasy writer and a key figure in the Irish literary renaissance, Edward J.

Infelizmente, este conto pareceu-me mais fraco que o primeiro do livro “A Espada de Welleran”. The author identifies the key elements of a ghost story and rips them apart from an extremely logical position. Como podem proteger ou destruir.

Examines briefly the relationship between the ewlleran natural event and its divine master. The first part of the story, his quest for the legendary sword Sacnoth which Gaznok cannot destroy is the best part. Recomendo vivamente a sua leitura. It concerns the invasion of the people of idyllic Merimna, who have no desire or knowledge of battle, t Perhaps what I love most about Lord Dunsany’s fiction is his sublime imagination and his deliberately archaic and Biblical prose, concise but with great evocative power.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

But keep on reading: Oct 19, Jack rated it really wellean it Shelves: Leothric must stay away for three days and three night consecutively poking the beast in the eye to keep it from devouring men.

Para ser honesto, gostei mais deste conto do que qualquer um dos que se encontram no Livro do Deslumbramento. Jan 27, Jorge rated it it was ok. Mar 06, Christian rated it really liked it.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories by Lord Dunsany

I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book. But a bit more needs to be added. This is a beautiful series of early fantasy stories, by a master of the genre.


God is not pleased with her in the slightest and sentences her soul to hell, but the angels pity her for she is so beautiful and not entirely guilty, and refuse to take her directly into hell. Instantly this story drew me into another world through Dunsany’s simply elegant storytelling. And he is rewarded with the great blade which makes up the crocodile’s backbone. Also, I don’t know if I am just reading too much into it, but there seems to be a lot of commentary on religion and the gods in Dunsanys stories, and I find that quite interesting.

Something like a Victorian fantasy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyhe builds individual concepts and landscapes in exquisite detail, only to lead the reader on in a hedonistic rush from world to world in the pursuit of beauty, mystery, and meaning. Feb 09, Pop Bop rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe he had heard something about William Morris and George Macdonald, and read some of their books, but even so fantasy at those times was like a virgin forest, waiting to be discovered.

I could not get into the first few stories.

It is entirely fitting that, considering his time and circumstances, Dunsany’s stories are a bit more wwlleran, a bit sadder, a bit slower, a bit “older” feeling than “The Lord of the Rings”, and pretty much anything written since. He has to fight a man-eating metal dragon-crocodile. View all 3 comments. People drink beer, perform noble deeds, sharpen their swords, rally for battle, and do heroic things in a vast and dang Dunsany Would Have Written the Stories They Told in Rivendell Everyone always starts articles and reviews about Lord Dunsany by observing selleran he was probably the finest British fantasy writer before Tolkien emerged.

And occasionally, such as with “The Lord of Cities”, the story meanders in description and metaphor until the reader wellern totally lost.