LA MALINCHE, LAURA ESQUIVEL, AND TRANSLATION. By Harry Aveling. The woman variously known as Malinalli Tenepal. (a reconstruction of her Náhuatl. Read Malinche by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Malinche, by Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. In Esquivel’s interpretation, Malinalli (La Malinche) suffers abandonment and.

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For all you history purists were you there? Notify me of new comments via email. Jan 18, Lauea rated it really liked it Shelves: The only thing about this book that I love is the cover on the hardcover edition, at least: First Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico. Malinalli was a native of a tribe conquered by the Aztec warriors. Simon and Schuster,page Despite its lyricism, this odd marriage of spirituality and psychology will be a slog for all but the most devoted New Agers.

Sep 07, Al rated it did not like it. This novel felt like a healing of history, especially hightened for Mexicans, I’m sure. Apr 14, Hilary Hanselman rated it liked it. View all posts by Annie.

La Malinche

I have a feeling it would be a very profound and powerful experience. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

She gives equal attention to scenes of a happy childhood or vibrant festivities, as well as to scenes of destruction or death.

Even when Malinalli reflects on her life and her beliefs and her fears, there was nothing subtle to ponder over. I also enjoy now a deeper understanding of the native American spiritual belief system and the unfortunate linkages it shared with the Spanish conquest-Christianity belief malinnche, which paralyzed the Aztecs and made their destruction a cakewalk for Cortez and his ilk.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fitzroy Dearbornpp. Ls I said, this is not a biography. In this lyrical, poetic novel, Esquivel gives us a strong woman with deeply held beliefs who wanted to free her people. It was hard to me to lose myself in this story. A Nahuatl mispronunciation of Marina as Malin plus the reverential “-tzin” suffix, formed the compounded title of Malintzin, which the natives used for both Marina and Cortes, because he malinvhe through her.

Once again be the newcomer, an outsider, the one who did mmalinche belong.

I sometimes had to retrace my steps in the book to figure out what was happening with the narrative. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And yet, her Malinalli is a real woman, with conflicting desires; a woman who loves or hates, feels pain and joy, and does her best to survive with her dignity and integrity intact.

Books by Laura Esquivel. Open Preview See a Problem? Notify me of new posts via email. In her youth, her father Cacique of Paynala died, and her mother remarried another Cacique and bore a son. This year I am participating in a classics bingo and I read Malinche by Laura Esquivel for my mythology square.

Malinche, by Laura Esquivel – A Bookish Type

Not only that, but they had a son who is considered the first “Mexican” to exist, which is contentious for the indigenous population of Mexico. Malinalli of the Fifth Sun: From that viewpoint, she is seen as one who betrayed the indigenous people malicnhe siding with the Spaniards. Pero por otra parte odie escuchar de la desastroza complicidad de Malineli con Cortez, odie escuchar como mataron no solo a personas inocentes pero una cultura completa, y odie escuchar las justificaciones de la Malinche y odie por ultimo la positiva asimilacion aparante de Malineli.


As she heard of the Spanish arrival on Mexican soil, she lauded them solely because their esquivwl did not require humans to be sacrificed. The two fall passionately in love, but Malinalli gradually comes to realize that Cortez’s thirst for conquest is all too human, and that for gold and power, he is willing to destroy anyone, even his own men, even their own love.


University Editions,page The historical figure of Marina has been intermixed with Aztec legends such as La Lloronaa ghost woman who weeps for her lost children. Dec 18, Ernesto rated it did not esquivle it.

If I had to create a timeline for this book, it would look like a stretched out spiral. The line between rape and consentual sex was very thin. Recently a number of feminist Latinas have decried such a categorization as scapegoating. Most of all, I would like to find myself standing before the Temple of the Sun in an empty plaza as a full moon rises to my right and the sun sets on my left, as did Mallinali. She was one of 20 women slaves given to the Spaniards by the natives of Tabasco in The many uncertainties which surround Malinche’s role in the Spanish conquest begin with her name and its several variants.

The statue was intended to be respectful of her trials and to emphasize the mestizo or mixed-blood character of the nation. Mexico portal Biography portal. Stevens, and Lynda Carlotta.