Order Lattice Semiconductor Corporation LFXPE-5QNC (ND) at DigiKey. Check stock and pricing, view product specifications, and order. XP2. Ordering Information. The LatticeXP2 devices are marked with a single temperature grade, either Commercial or Industrial, as shown below. LFXPE. LFXPE-5FTNC8W Lattice FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array 17KLUTs I/O Inst -on DSP V -5 Spd datasheet, inventory & pricing.

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Single printed circuit board solution?

SMA connectors have an open white rectangle area near them denoting the positive side of a matched pair. The overflow conditions are provided later in this document. The input register in all the elements can be directly loaded or can be loaded as shift register from previous operand registers. This standard is emulated using complementary LVCMOS outputs in conjunction with a parallel resistor 177e the driver outputs. The component number increases by one in a columnar fashion i.

The secondary clock muxes are located in the center of the device. Using LVDS output buffers. In the descriptions below, locations of components and board features are described relative to a compass symbol placed adjacent to the Lattice Semiconductor Corp. The remaining three inputs are not connected to any passive or active components. Emulated with external resistors. Any pad can be configured to be output. Added Thermal Management text section. Slice 3 does not have any registers; therefore it does not have the clock or control muxes.


This lffxp2 the edge on which the data is regis- tered in the synchronizing registers 17s the input register block and requires evaluation at the start of each READ cycle for the correct clock polarity. Synthesis library support for LatticeXP2 is available for popular logic synthesis tools.

For signed two’s complement operands, sign extension of the most significant bit should be performed until x9, x18 or x36 width is reached. RS DB9 Female connector?

A change to an internal register requires 16 clock cycles. The clock can optionally be inverted. DB9 pin 3 When IN1 is pulled above Vth the Power Manager de-asserts the enable pins on all of the DC conversion devices, effectively powering the board down. The DCS block can be programmed to other modes. The TAG memory is an area of the on-chip Flash that can be used for non-volatile storage including electronic ID codes, version codes, date stamps, asset IDs and calibration settings.

Clock inputs are fed throughout the chip via the primary, secondary and edge clock networks. GSRN, the global reset signal, resets both ports.


Output Register Block The output register block provides the ability to register signals from the core flxp2 the device before they are passed to the sysIO buffers. The USB cable is connected in parallel to J It is capable of running from an input supply less than 3. In order to provide a frequency on the primary clock input that is different from the PLL clock input it is necessary to remove one of the two series termination resistors, and add 17f temporary modi? In the event a soft error occurs, the device can be programmed to either reload from a known good boot image from internal Flash or external SPI memory or generate an error signal.


LFXPE-L-EV LATTICE Development kit

It can also be used to program the on-chip LatticeXP2 Flash memory non-volatile. Each quadrant mux is identical.

The scheme shown in Figure is one possible solution for bi-directional multi-point differential signals. SRAM memory for microprocessor applications? Software default CCLK frequency. The Diamond design tool can provide logic timing numbers at a particular temperature and voltage.

Test Data in pin. Figure shows the clock divider connections. Change Summary January Ripple Mode Ripple mode allows lfp2 implementation of small arithmetic functions.

It may be desired for evaluation purposes to try other power sequences. A block diagram of the TAG memory is shown in Figure Minimum requirement to implement a fully functional 8-bit wide DDR bus. General purpose push buttons?