When the Linn drum is running on external sync, the trigger output will follow the tempo of the sync input. The Sync output will follow the tempo of the internal. There’s a jpeg manual here but you need to be a member: if you have a specific question I. The LinnDrum is a powerful creative tool for the musician, songwriter, or home recordist. Imagine having a Owner’s or Service Manual (each). $

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A “aong” in the LlTinDruin is simply a list of rhythm patterns to he played in sequence, one after another. The first 42 contain presets, and the last 56 are left blank for creating your own rhythm patterns any of the presets may be erased to provide more room for programming. Since these inputs accept any audio input, a valuable application is restoring poorly recorded drum trades.

Fte-enterirg “record” mcd-e dees net erase anything from a selected pattern; rather, It allows you to “overdub” on the existing rhythm. The LinnDrum has an internal capacity of 49 songs, each with its own set of 99 steps. From that point on, any additional recording on the selected rhythm pattern ulll play back on tne new timing setting. A “beep” will sound. Once they are added, It may nou be eaaier to construct the final ‘song” on LinnDrum, and overdub it to the tape.

The tape will load Into the current song number. A typical application woulcL be the use of a control voltage pedal to sweep the pitch of the tons. Tlieae fader s do not affect levels on the individual outputs.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual

DruBi buttons are situated in the lower left portion of the front panel. In “aong” mode, the buttons facilitate the functions printed above the huttona. So far, we have described building and editing one song. If the error persists, read “Eliminating Tape Errors” and repeat lindrum step IS, If stiJl no luck, start again from step 11, 12 If “store” and “load” lights go off and stay offthin indlcBtfls a successful verify. Up to 99 patterns or steps miay he entered. A control Is also provided to adjust the decay time of the closed Hlhat Hlhat 1 or Hlhat 2This may be adjusted while playing to simulate different pressures on the hihat pedal.


In the HIXER section of the front panelf the lower row of sliders varies the drum volumes in the stereo saix. After adjusting the TEMPO control as desired, you may begin entering your rhythm patterns by tapping any of the “drum” buttons in time to the click! Recorders ulth Kie IN only are not adequate.

Include a return street address no post office boxes for return via UPS regular ground tranaportcition. Both pattern numbers now contain identical rhythms. You nay type in another pattern nunber while LlnnDrun plays the present selection. Additionally, each drum haa a aeparate output that can feed external aixer. It is possible, however, to change to a mode in which all songs automatically stop after the last step entered.

The row of seven buttons to the right of this button are dual function, with the function related directly to what mode is In affect, Hheti in “pattern” mode, the buttons facilitate the functions printed below the buttons. Master tuning pot that tunes all non-tunable drums. This warranty la iaaued to the Original purohaser only, is non-transferable, and is subject to ttie following conditions: To re-assign a trigger input to a different drum button: This function is very useful for creating a “human rhythm feel” in your rhythm patterns.


Line level output Is not adequate. The tlTTjing and error correct settings will change from one rhythm pattern to another. Click on Buy Now to purchase the kit.

LinnDrum Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

So, to create a song, first create the major kanual pattern 11 could be a two-measure intro; 15, an eight-measure verse; 36; a six-measure chorus, etc. Since these inputs accept any audio input, one valuable application is restoring poorly recorded drum tracks. Select a blank pattern by typing two digits as above.

This Is a special socJtet which allows you to change druBi sound chips yourself. The maximum number displayed is 99 percentWith all data fully erased. Each drum has its own volume slide control and center-detente pan slide control for total mixing flexibility. This terminates the song smi deletes any pre- existing Steps srter the laat one you entered. In this mode, all drums are played back exactly as recorded. Both length and time aignature can be easily adjuated. There are two additional erase functions: The original master drum track and sync linncrum are now coDpletad.

Pressing END causes all steps above the displayed step to be deleted, useful to shorten or completely erase a song. The follouing describes a typical use of error correct! Doubling can tie repeated any number of times e. Playing the keyboarcl wJJl determine the pitch only. LlnnDrum will “beep” tc verify erasure. Memory is consumed by the length and compleicity of the drum patterns, rather than the actual number of patterns.