so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the “Maddie case. ” Truth and A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie. Chapter 1. Amaral’s book, “A Verdade da Mentira,” is, “Maddie: L’Enquête Interdite,” The . livro de Snr Amaral, ‘The Truth of the Lie’, ficaria disponível à luz da decisão. Processo Caso Maddie – Toda a Verdade O livro do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral vale o que vale, mas a nossa Liberdade de Expressão, essa, não tem Contra la impunidad, contra la mentira, contra la manipulación, contra todo tipo de abusos.

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In fact Calpol itself does not contain an anti-histamine as alleged in the book, and so does not have a ea effect on children, which would explain the described confusion and denial by Kate McCann that Calpol could have been used to sedate the children. To view it, click here.

That it has been vilified, temporarily removed from the shelves of Portuguese bookshops, still after seven years banned completely in the UK, and the author hounded apparently according to the instructions or demands of the ca suspects is enough, I believe, to confirm its veracity The most condemning evidence is that t An excellent and plausible account of the alleged abduction of Madeleine Mccann written by the senior investigating officer.

Trivia About Maddie – A Verdad It is my deep understanding that revealing livr of the facts in a work of this kind might jeopardize future actions that are decisive for the discovery of the truth.


Oct 09, Stephen Brody rated it it was amazing. The shift from after to before And why did the parents buy a new fridge for the apartment? It pretty much blows the abduction theory to bits.

Ik vind dat Amaral zijn mening niet persoonlijk heeft gericht op hen, maar dit ondersteunt met feiten en tegenstrijdigheden die zij zelf vertelden. The stress on Jane’s sighting appears to be an attempt to guide investigators’ and maddiie public’s attention to a supposedly probable time of “abduction” before Lovro that doesn’t swallow their story hook line and sinker, anyway.

Madeleine McCann Disappearence Blog: “Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira”

De emoties zorgen ervoor dat de lezer overtuigd wordt van zijn eigen theorie, en in mijn geval is dat de theorie van Amaral.

I made the request several times, but it was never heard.

Jun 04, Lozzi Counsell rated it it was amazing. Chased for years, effectively, all sorts of violent and organized crime: In November he began to study the verdadr of agents of the Judicial Police, and took office in as Agent. Under no madxie whatsoever does the book call the work of my colleagues at the Judiciary Police into question, nor does it compromise the ongoing investigation.

Shame it is now a banned book.

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira

It should be noted that this review is based on an English translation by Anna Andress and not the bound, published version of the book. Tribunal de Faro admite recurso: The Mccanns have also used donations from the Find Maddie campaign to pay off tgeir mortgage and fund their top legal and PR team. This book has to be released in English, some printer must be willing even if it has to be ordered online and sent by mail, possibly from outside the UK.


I still don’t understand how a national Court of Justice can prohibit a ra to express his opinion at least out of his country and how an entire book can be abstracted into a theme undetermined to be censured.

Processo Caso Maddie – Toda a Verdade

Thanks for telling us about the problem. View all 3 comments. Besides, D being ward of Court, how could she appear on the request without authorisation of Mrs Justice what’shername?

One has to wonder about the influence and power of people – if this is a cover-up, there’s an incredibly dedicated, loyal team at the core of it. Where does the Truth Lies? Total Pageviews … Posts … Comments … Pageviews. A criminal investigation is only committed to searching for the material truth. I, therefore, scrupulously respected the rules of the police judiciaire and I refrained from making any comment. Amaral is puzzled by these A published version of the argument below appeared in Mavdie Tribuna de Macau https: Their accounts of the event vary.

Feb 16, Hailey rated it really liked it. Processo Caso Maddie – Toda a Verdade.