Plik: Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zdrowie Longman Repetytorium Maturalne Poziom rozszerzony. Książka. Sprawdziany repetytorium maturalne longman poziom rozszerzony chomikuj Odpowiedzi repetytorium maturalne longman chomikuj matura rozszerzona. LONGMAN Repetytorium maturalne z języka angielskiego – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU TRACK 11 Zadanie 1. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B.

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Examiner What can be done to make young people more interested in politics? Bob Well, Ive been thinking of moving on for some time now. Is there a garage?

Joanna The important thing to remember is that exercise doesnt repetytoriun to take very long just half an hour a day in ten minute bursts if necessary. First, let me tell you a little bit about super volcanoes. See you at six then. Examiner What things do you worry about? Im going to catch the ferry across to France and after that Im going to travel by coach to Italy.

Odpowiedzi – mowa zależna

For me, its the idea of doing something thats new and difficult and really exciting. Dont feel that you have to study every day. Thank you very much. Instead, you should start buying lots of fruit and vegetables, and when you want something nice to eat, then eat an orange. If youre nervous, try running round the block for ten minutes. Examiner And who does the cooking? Customer Oh yes, I didnt rozszerzonyy it.


Longman repetytorium maturalne

I went to Zakopane with my parents and my younger sister. You mustn’t eat any junk food. I havent seen enough of Europe, but then Ill probably go home and get a job.

Max That sounds good. It was a sunny day and I was smiling.

Nie rozwija odpowiedzi na pytanie trzecie. Clean the wound then put a plaster on the wound. Student Well, you can visit museums, galleries and monuments, which would help you learn a lot. Could you email me information about the work youre doing so I can do it at home? Student Im not keen on being in crowded lifts because I think Im going to get stuck in one.

Then, I opened the parachute and could see the world far, far below me as I floated slowly down to earth. I think souvenirs will always remind me about the places I visited.

Longman repetytorium maturalne – Memrise

It doesnt take much to put an X in a box, does it? You just said you worked on a summer camp and youve got younger brothers and sisters that youre always looking after. Here are some ideas to help you get through. Finally, when youve finished all your exams dont forget to celebrate!

Hes wearing pozioj yellow hat and sunglasses.

Słowotwórstwo Angielski Ćwiczenuia do Matury – Memorizer

Id like to ride a bike and spend some time in the sun. They want longmxn be individual. For those of you that dont know, super volcanoes lie under the ground covering enormous areas of land. I did that in Paris. Examiner Tell me about an occasion when you or someone you know helped in environment conservation.


We walked to the pub, but it was closed, so we got a taxi to Bens house. And drink plenty water! Hes in a very empty room. Bus driver Yes, we do.

Then, I read odpowirdzi article in a health magazine about finding time to exercise and that was great for me. Some schools are single-sex so they are for boys or for girls only, but most rozszedzony are mixed. There are pozkom many things you can do. Its not thought to be so cool any more. Max Well, my friend in Australia is going to come over to Europe with his sister. Student Ah, right, well, perhaps these animals need help because they are sick piziom maybe the woman is saving them from some hunters.

They were sitting at the same desk. Examiner So its probably the battery. I like the picture on the cover very much. Are all your rooms en suite? Interviewer So, first of all, what exactly do you do? After that, I left my job, did a course in fitness and training, and also in food and nutrition, and here I am.