Doing without Concepts. Edouard Machery. Abstract. Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 Thanks to Ted Sider and Ross Cameron for helpful comments and discussion. Doing Without Concepts. By Edouard Machery . Edouard Machery. Doing without Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press . pages. $ (cloth ISBN –0–19––0). The title is apt to.

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Andrew Woodfield – – Analysis 70 1: Hugo Mercier – – Biology and Philosophy 25 2: Mere similarity and overlap, however, are not identity, and it is identity in concepts that is needed to sustain serious explanations, such as ones about cognitive development, vision or language. Keeping this notion would slow down, and maybe prevent, the development of a more adequate classification and would overshadow the theoretical and empirical issues that are raised by this more adequate classification.

This is a piece of the hard problem of “intentionality” that Brentano brought to modern attention, a problem that, as these things go, has standardly fallen to philosophy to discuss. Hugo Mercier – – Biology and Philosophy 25 2: The eight chapter makes his eliminativist argument: Review of Machery, ‘Doing Without Concepts’.

But it is much more than a demolition job.

Doing Without Concepts — Edouard Machery. Fodor argues that this is where not only the whole of cognitive science, but the entire twentieth century went wrong [Fodor]. Moreover, we seem to possess distinct processes for learning these kinds of concepts, and also distinct processes for categorizing. Malt – – Mind and Language 25 5: Glymour – – Mind If he’s right, and I suspect that he is, then both philosophers and psychologists who write about concepts will have to do some quite fundamental rethinking.


Doing Without Concepts // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in OSO for personal use for details see www. Anyone interested in cognitive science’s emerging view of the mind will find Machery’s provocative ideas of interest. Without some kind of serious answer to this question and an account of doinv stability, it’s, again, hard to see how psychologists could sustain their explanations.

Choose your country or region Close. Poststructuralism in Continental Philosophy.

Doing without Concepts – Oxford Scholarship

Edouard Machery – – Oxford University Press. The book shows that the class of In brief, concepts are not a natural kind. Machery would probably reply that I’m merely pressing here the philosophical notion of concept, which is concerned with the individuation of propositional attitudes pp. Moreover, the significance of externalist proposals is not that thinkers’ deployment of concepts is always externally grounded, but only that this happens a lot and is surely a serious possibility.

The book shows that the class of concepts divides into several distinct kinds that have little in common with one another and that for this very reason, it is a mistake to attempt to encompass all known phenomena within a single theory of concepts.


Don’t have an account? See my for discussion. Edouard Machery – unknown. Even their most ardent proponents would agree that at best they suggest a strategy for allowing for conceptual stability across people. Evidence for the Existence of Prototypes 4.

Doing without Concepts

Its claims about concepts brought a number of important issues into sharper focus for me Philosophers, by contrast, usually means something like this: Since the death of the classical view of concepts, three paradigms about concepts have emerged in psychology: Malt, Mind and Language “I thoroughly enjoyed Doing without Concepts and withoutt it immensely illuminating. Over recent years, the psychology diong concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive ideas on causal cognition, the development of neo-empiricist theories of concepts, and the inputs of the budding neuropsychology of concepts.

Gualtiero Piccinini – – Dialogue 50 1: That’s all that’s needed to refute the traditional, purely internalist view. Something like the externalist strategies may be just the sort of thing for the purpose. Sign in Create concepte account. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Two Inconclusive Arguments against the Notion of Concept 2.

Oxford Scholarship Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. Subscriber Login Email Address. Edouard Machery – – Philosophy of Science 72 3: Doing Without Concepts by Edouard Machery.