Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 3 Movies & TV Reviews – Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 4 Movies & TV Reviews – Ko Hye-Rim (Han Ye-Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as “Madame Antoine” and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that.

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The drama pans to Soo-hyun standing at her door, trying to cheer her up by buying her Italian food. So the fact that he questioned her about the concert was a major giveaway.

Madame Antoine: Episode 3 Recap

Cut to her thanking him for the goods while they drive back. Soo-hyun says he drew peektures into his entry too but runs out of excuses. Seung-chan goes to see Soo-hyun and asks whether he can leave the experiment since he feels bad for antohiego Hye-rim. This site uses cookies.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Downstairs, Soo-hyun flips open an elementary school diary disgustedly while Ji-ho watches a variety on the wall-pinning effect. Lo and behold, he catches her as she slips into the dress, trying it on in front of the mirror. Speaking of which, Seung Chan and Hye Rim meet by chance at the clinic, and they are polite to a fault. Ju Ni was restrained from even reaching her manager as they placed him in the ambulance.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. The true reason is her intention to snoop around for clues on the Cuckoo file. Do you think that your mum can just let everything go just to love one person? As they reach Madame Antoine, she refuses to accept the shopping, explaining that she bought all those becuase she pibery curious to why he wanted to spend so much on her. Soo-hyun walks in just then and gives her a polite nod which she returns with a slight bow.

But Soo-hyun is in no way convincing as his upright posture and hands on table looks way more domineering than an attempt to demonstrate affection.

Madame Antoine

Even as he wrist grabs her, she feigns innocence, inviting him to search antonjego — except if they find nothing, she will be calling the police in. At the librey time, Ji Ho heads down to the cafe to find pass her chocolates.

Soo-hyun conceives reminding inner thoughts again which demonstrates the oppression of his true feelings for her on the grounds of the experiment. When he returns home, Soo-hyun types his report earnestly but breaks into a smile when he recalls what Hye-rim told him. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This gets Seung-chan confused and suspicious.

Also, the interest of 3 guys on her. Just as Soo Hyun walks down to dump his diaryhe catches the end of their conversation. This site uses cookies. That alerts Soo Hyun and Seung Chan, who are back from dinner and finding the office door locked. She sits, commenting on his unusually gentlemanly behaviour.


Girl says she figured out the reason, and asks for him to teach her about psychology instead, if he wanted his percentage raised.

Yoo-rim gets annoyed at him but Ji-ho gives her an adorable peck on the cheek, asking whether that will work on Hye-rim. Notify me of new comments via email.

Madame Antoine Ep 9 – Couch Kiss

She reads it and the content is so frivolous she snorts at every single one antoiego it. As Soo Hyun tries to wipe the sauce away, they both freeze. Then Hye-rim spots the letter sitting on the table, the same time Soo-hyun recalls about the letter. Soo-hyun follows her around, from a sandwich bar to a noodle restaurant and eventually to a bimbimbap place. In a flashback, we see the scene of the November accident. He goes as far to call her by her full name, citing that he uses banmal with all women.

Her last straw is when Ju Ni slaps her, and she freezes, holding back her anger. Neither can you disguise the truth.

Related Ramble with us! That being said, I cannot wait for the real skinship to begin.