Powiatowa lady Makbet (oryg. ros. Леди Макбет Мценского уезда, dosł. Lady Makbet powiatu mceńskiego) – opowiadanie Nikołaja Leskowa napisane w . Lady Makbet mceńskiego powiatu (Леди Макбет Мценского уезда), w późniejszej wersji zmienionej Katarzyna Izmajłowa (ros. Катерина Измайлова) – opera.

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The gate leading to the palace in Forres. Malcolm invited to the coronation, to be held in Skonie. Lady Macduff is surprised by her husband’s escape.

Powiatowa lady Makbet

Witches vanish, not told of his prophecy. Macbeth’s castle in Inverness. Lady Macbeth Macbeth explains the behavior of disease in childhood.

The Palace at Forres. His wife informs him about his plans to kill the king. Macbeth decides to kill Macduff and his family. Now, going to England to ask King Edward for help in the fight against Macbeth. The Palace at Forres Duncan.

Powiatowa lady Makbet – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Macbeth’s castle in Dunzynan. Macbeth comes, interesting on its future.

Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth, with a letter from her husband finds out about his appointment tanem Kawdoru and the prophecies of witches. Hires people who are returning to the castle to kill Banquo and Fleance’a.


During the banquet, Macbeth is walking through the castle, reflecting on the plan proposed by his wife. Come to the castle Scottish gentlemen, Macduff and Lennox. Meeting on the way Lady Macbeth pushes aside any doubts of her husband.

Potrzebuję na jutro streszczenie Makbeta w języku angielskim. Z góry dziękuję –

Lady Macbeth ends with a feast. Macbeth goes there to prepare for the visit of the king. Siward learns about the circumstances of the death of his son. Moments later, there are murderers who kill the son of Macduff.

Lady Makbet mceńskiego powiatu

Banquo learns that his father will be kings. Macduff wants a lonely battle with Macbeth. Macbeth – still believing in the prophecies – says that Macduff could not kill him, because there is “born of woman. As a reward for it decides to appoint Duncan Macbeth tanem Kawdoru. Duncan envoys, Rosse and Angus, Macbeth shall notify the decision of the king. Was elected to the throne Macbeth, coronation to be held in Skonie.

Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to joyful behavior during the upcoming feast. Macduff persuades Malcolm to come up against Macbeth. After long hesitation Malcolm Macduff agrees to the proposal. Macbeth reveals the spirit of Banquo.

The camp at Forres. Forgot to toss the murder weapon – a dagger, sleeping guards, which had a drop of wine for murder.


Macbeth they predict that the first will be tanem Kawdoru, later – the king. The courtyard of the castle of Macbeth at Inverness.

The army approached the castle of Macbeth. Malcolm decides to take action against Macbeth. The decision to inform the king Macbeth is one of the Scottish lords, Rosse. For Macbeth enters the room palace in the royal attire along with a retinue. Macbeth leaves to make the crime. Lady Macduff flees, pursued by assassins. When Banquo leaves, Macbeth sees a bloody dagger, which turns out to be only an illusion.

This however does not fit on the proposal. Macbeth kills the guards. During the feast in the palace of one of the robbers tells Macbeth to murder Banquo and his son escape. King confesses with their plans forward crown eldest son, Malkolmowi. Castle in the afternoon dance Macduff. Malcolm and Macduff conversation. Macduff announces that the murderers of the king was guarding him guards.